Beauty-conveyor of the Kardashian clan: thousands of 16-year-olds “redraw” themselves under Kim and Kylie

Studies of the behavior of the so-called “generation of millenials” (people born after 1981) shocked society. It turned out that the faces ofrepresentatives of the famous Kardashian clanare provoking young people with an enviable regularity to visit plastic surgery clinics in order to be like the ideals of modern beauty.  

Beauty-конвейер клана Кардашьян: тысячи 16-летних подростков "перекраивают" себя под Ким и Кайли

More than three consecutive years in the world there is a real excitement not only aroundplastic surgery, but also injections of beauty. It is known that to date, 16-year-old fanspompous Kim Kardashianand her younger sister  Kylie Jenner(the main number of their admirers is concentrated in America) quite often resorts to laser grinding, vacuum therapy, microdermabrasion and thermolifting.

According to one of the authors of the Simon Oourien studyWWD, earlier the demand for these procedures was among women aged, or in young mothers after pregnancy and childbirth. And the reason for the cardinally younger audience of clients of special clinics – on social networks, where millions of people from all over the world are subscribed to Kim and Kyle.  

Also, Oriena’s colleague, Dr. Jean-Louis Seba, talked about what “orders” are most often received by doctors from young female fansKim KardashianandKylie Jenner. And he says: this is a consequence of the fact that the millenials entered the “narcissistic era” with the incredibly powerful presence of celebrities in social networks. Whoever said anything, but their accounts have a huge impact on adolescents.  

Meanwhile,the beautiful half of the female population of China is another trend: for these ladies the ideal of beauty is the appearance of Ivanka Trump.

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