Be in the trend: how to grow eyebrows in a short time without sacrifice

The ways of the trends are inscrutable. First we are told that in the fashion of wide eyebrows, then gentle and neat, and after all and sloppy and freedom-loving, like a hot Spanish husband. But what to do when your eyebrows simply can not grow on their own and do not please the density? There is an exit.

Будь в тренде: как отрастить брови за короткий срок без жертвоприношения

Not surprisingly, after a few “serious”plucking of the eyebrows, they stop growing, the bulbs are weakened and it becomes difficult to work with them. These eyebrows have to tint and fight for every extra hair. Especially it becomes a problem whenthe shape of the eyebrowsdoes not satisfy, but to fix it becomes difficult because of the complete absence of “material”.

It is important to understand that the reasons for which the eyebrows can “not grow” is a large number. First you need to find out the reason, reconcile with it and then start working with it.So, the reasons for which the eyebrows do not grow can be:

  1. Genetics. If members of your family can not boast of luxurious hair and large hair, then the eyebrows can be “little”. In this case, it is difficult to fight, but it is possible. And you can grow eyebrows too.
  2. Too much paint.If you are often carried away by the process ofeyebrow staining, it is not surprising that the eyebrows stopped their growth. Even if you painted them with henna. Eyebrows just decided to “hide”.
  3. Poorly eat.Insufficiently correct and healthy nutrition affects all aspects of our body: well-being, figure, condition of hair, nails and, of course, eyebrows. Lack of usefulvitamins for hair growth, of course, will cause a bad eyebrow growth.
  4. Permanently delete.The more often we remove the hair, the less they will grow. The bulb is damaged, the hair does not grow. Everything is logical.

How to grow eyebrows  

When the problem is settled   – calmed down and begin to grow them. The main thing is to understand that the path will be long enough. The first thing you can try   –professional means for hair growth.

Preparations with hormones

Means with hormones to enhance hair growth are sold in almost every pharmacy. Such drugs are often produced in liquid form, which must be applied pointwise, to the place where you want to growfashionable eyebrows.

Serums for hair growth

These preparations are filled with a complex of vitamins thataccelerate hair growth, they are rich in proteins and other useful properties, allowing hair to strengthen and strengthen their growth.

Mascara that stimulates the growth of the eyebrows

There is such a magic tool that attracts attention with its multifunctionality. Such mascara will not only help the hair grow, but also color the eyebrows, giving them the necessary shade.  

Eyebrow massage

This way sounds pretty funny, but it has the right to exist. If once a day to do such self-massage of the eyebrows, it is possible to improve blood supply in the follicles of the eyebrows, which can significantly accelerate their growth. And to do such a massage is quite easy. Begin with rubbing your fingers with the eyebrow area, pinch and stretch the skin. Do this until the skin turns red. On average, such a massage can take up to five minutes. For better effect, you can usecastor oil  – and will facilitate the process, and will enhance hair growth.  

Masks for the eyebrows

You can also do such an interesting beauty-pribluda, as a mask for the eyebrows. Such masks can “awaken” your follicles and make hair grow faster. Among the most effective are the following:  

Oily and vitamin mask for eyebrows

Mix a teaspoon of almond oil, add a couple of drops ofvitamin Aand vitamin E, warm it in a water bath and soak the cotton wheels in this solution. Attach to the eyebrows and hold for 20 minutes. Do not wash off the mask, but massage your eyebrows and leave the oil overnight.  

Mustard mask for eyebrows

Teaspoonmustardmix with a teaspoon of liquid honey. You can add some water. Bring the composition on your eyebrows and hold for 40 minutes. Can burn a little, but you bear (if it hurts too much   – wipe it faster and forget about this method.)  

Extreme eyebrow mask

Despite the fact that folk remedies for hair like onions or garlic are inconvenient enough to use, their benefits can not be ruled out. A mask for eyebrows with onion or garlic juice is an uncomfortable enough but effective way to help you grow your eyebrows. Bring the juice in its purest form, but watch out so that it does not get into your eyes.

Spicy mask for eyebrows

A teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of burdock oil should meet with a pinch of red pepper and a teaspoon of cinnamon. Dilute a little water and apply on the eyebrows.

Also, besides external methods, do not forget about outdoor. Pay attention to your food and make it more complete, take vitamin A and vitamin E. And eat more nuts, hair grows from them.

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