Green Juices – a tool for slimming Hollywood stars

More and more Hollywood stars are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. Along with sports, diets and detox programs, they began to use green cocktails, juices and smoothies.

Зеленые соки - средство похудения голливудских звезд

Many celebrities use ready-made green juices of Pressed Juicery company for $ 200, some order the delivery of freshly prepared drinks at home, in the gym, for shooting, concerts and so on. Blake Lively, Nicole Ricci,   Miranda Kerr, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Garner, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gwen Stefani, Rosie Huntington-Watley were not just seen paparazzi with glasses with a green drink. Also these stars were told in an interview that green juices perfectly clean the body, you lose weight 100% and get a charge of cheerfulness for the whole day. What makes green drinks so useful?

We first learned about green juices in 1984 when Susana Belen and her daughter Susan Lombardi founded the We Care Spa at the Palm Springs Center. They forced their clients to drink a glass of green juice during the day and eat a bowl of green soup in the evening. They were made from vegetables and fruits of green color: cucumber, spinach, romaine salad, celery, parsley and green apples. Losing weight almost fell into depression from such a diet, but the result was worth it: for a week they lost at least 6 kilograms.

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Now nutritionists say that green foods and drinks are effective because these plants are rich in antioxidants, folic acid and vitamin C. They perfectly clean the body, remove toxins, improve metabolism and work of the gastrointestinal tract.

What can green juice or smoothies consist of?

The key ingredient of this drink is kale cabbage, which is able to substitute meat for protein and calcium for milk. Moreover, there are no more vegetables with which kale cabbage can compete with the composition of nutrients. It’s hard to find in the store, but you can order grandmothers on the market, they grow wild cabbage in their gardens. In the meantime, even if you do not find kale, you can take broccoli, colored, blue, Peking or the most common cabbage, rhubarb, lime, parsley, dill, spinach, celery, apples, onions, lettuce, apples, peppers, asparagus and other vegetables and fruit green, and cook in a blender super-useful juices and smoothies.

How to consume?

You can drink juice half an hour after a morning awakening instead of water with honey and lemon to disperse the metabolism; replacing drinks with snacks between meals; and also to use after exhausting workouts.

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