Your best friend is your terrible enemy? Neutralization.

You love it. For real. With massage after work,
affectionate sms-kami and daily feeding with dinner of own production.
You are sweet with his socks, inability to drive a nail and much, much more. In addition … his
idle best friend. And, it seems, this is mutual. But we are on your side!

Sometimes the Man of Our Dreams gets to us immediately with “luggage” – with a True Friend who has set himself the goal by all means to separate him from you. It’s unclear how much benefit this will be to him personally (unless, of course, it’s an employee of the special secret organization “Break a couple – and save the world!”), But he does not intend to regret his strength
. He is ready to lie, slander you, adjust absurd situations and, by all legal and illegal means, pressure on the already weak psyche of your boyfriend. The main thing is that he has plenty of time for this, because he is single.

The enemy is on the offensive

This anti-hero must make a plan, which he conceived
lead you to the complete defeat. Let’s look at his notebook? Aha! That’s what we need!

“destruction plan bitchy girls
my friend”:

paragraph 1

At every opportunity (and better awkward) case report innocently perishing in her
claws to a friend that:
– after the holidays his sweetheart picked up a couple of extra pounds, and that this
blue dress is especially full of her;
– if she is also going to cook disgustingly, as always, then it’s better not to let her into the kitchen at all;
– this girl’s sense of humor is not inherent in nature at all.

paragraph 2

As often as possible to make comparisons between his past and present. Naturally not in favor of the latter.

paragraph 3

Try not to deviate from them a single step, to carry with them all weekend
holidays and vacation. To answer her indignant questions: “What can a woman know about true male friendship?” We can not get bored with each other, because there are always two old friends to talk about! “

paragraph 4

Make it so that the major part of the free time we spent all the same without it
. For any of his objections, such as “if my will not be against …” angrily exclaim: “Look, what henpecked she made of you!”

paragraph 5

Relax in the company of men to be “resting in the company of men” in the literal sense, and that
with a capital letter. Indispensable attributes – frivolous women,
booze, chips with onions and appropriate jokes. It is advisable to take a couple of pictures
or just tell her about these parties.

paragraph 6

minor mischief of his better half at each meeting. For example:
– when she comes out of the kitchen, pour salt into the borscht standing on the stove;
– to break a maximum of dishes in the house (from 3 to 8 names at a time);
– “accidentally” pour on her outfit any liquid that has fallen under the arm.

paragraph 7

staged compromising her situation. For example, to give a drink and get a kiss ^ (from such a handsome man as me, she definitely will not refuse!). In the morning, I told him about everything, naturally, emphasizing that the initiative belonged to her.

Our response to Chamberlain

you scared? Yes, these are really awesome entries. If the Best Friend
and really will be at least 20% adhere to this program, it is very likely that he will succeed. Therefore, we should develop our counterplane.

“plan to destroy the negative influences
best friend for my Beloved”

paragraph 1

In no case did not respond to the sarcastic comments and unpleasant actions
Best Friend. It’s best to just skip over everything and be right with him, but cold.

paragraph 2

How can rarely be left alone with this guy (do not forget about the seventh paragraph of
his notepad), and not to say anything about myself. Even if you are wrong, and no one is building a cunning conspiracy against your future, you still should not shower his soul. Any given information can be later used against you.

paragraph 3

tried to explain the alleged enemy. Perhaps, having told the Best Friend about your relationship with your beloved, you will convince him that your thoughts are pure, and intentions are sublime. In the conversation, emphasize that you are not going to meet
in their friendship and in any way restrict your boyfriend.

paragraph 4. And the most important.

Talk to your lover. Delicately explain the situation to him, give concrete examples and
show that you are very worried. Maybe your boy really does not suspect anything and, having learned all the details, will easily solve the urgent problem.

The current situation is a real test of your relationship. It will help you understand what place you occupy in the life of your lover. And if this place is not high enough, then should we stop our choice on this person? To solve to you!

Лучший друг любимого - твой страшный враг? Нейтрализация.

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