Women are wrong! Cigarettes do not make them slim!

A particularly feminine conviction that smoking helps
control weight, it’s a myth! To such a sensational conclusion came the scientists
of University College in London as a result of a long six-year study. Scientists observed almost three thousand eleven-year-olds by the age of sixteen, and found no difference in weight between smokers and impartial teenagers.

The results of the study surprised scientists themselves. “For many years I, unfortunately, was convinced that cigarettes help control weight, but this is not so.
Our previous results clearly demonstrate that young smokers do not better control their weight than those who never did not smoke, “says Professor West University College London.

The researchers found no difference in weight, body mass index, caloric intake, or fat between smokers and those who do not smoke. According to them,
in fact, some differences appear only when smokers reach
of middle age and have a very long “experience” of smoking. In this case, smokers actually weigh less, but they have already damaged lungs, a significantly increased risk of heart attacks, stroke and cancer.

But this weight difference is also rather illusory. Although heavy smokers of middle age and thinner than their not inclined to the bad habit of one-year-old, but the distribution of fats in the body in them … deforms the figure. As it turned out at the time of the research, the effect of cigarettes on the endocrine system leads to the fact that, even in the case of smokers, even the normal amount of fat is distributed in the body
abnormally. Fat accumulates around the waist and upper body, and
not around the thighs. This means that smokers are more likely to have a higher ratio of “waist to hip”. And one of the studies, in which nearly 12,000 women aged 40 to 73 years took part, testified that the ratio of the waist to the hip increases with the increase in the amount of cigarettes they smoke every day.

Another sensational statement was made by the specialists of the Italian Institute of Anti-Smoking. According to them, when a woman quits smoking, the skin of her face for 9
months is younger for 13 years. From women who participated in the experiment,
required quitting smoking and taking tests every three months. The result
turned out to be strange: the skin of the participants in this study, on the average, grew younger by 13 ^ years, and they weighed a few kilograms less.

And researchers from Harvard Medical School in Boston have found that
quitting smoking almost immediately improve human health and the risk of death
over the next five years is reduced by 13%. Such data were obtained as a result of a long research carried out among a hundred thousand women in 1980-2004.

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Женщины ошибаются! Сигареты не делают их стройными!

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