Weight loss is the highest kVA!

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The summer flew by, and you never reached your cherished ideal weight? Do not despair! Your scales will sing the “winning song” after a couple of weeks, because we take natural, delicious, fragrant and such a favorite KVAS in the help! Yes, yes, and do not be so surprised!


Well, what is that the window is golden autumn. Our diet will be as summer as ever, simple and tasty. “Is it possible?” You ask. Of course, it happens! But only when kvass enters the arena. Kvas is natural and useful. Contrary to popular belief, this is a dietary product, will be confirmed by any nutritionist. It has an extremely useful effect on our body: it helps the work of the stomach and intestines, relieves dysbiosis, improves metabolism and strengthens the immune system, while charging with vigor and positive! All this is thanks to a unique production technology: in the process of fermentation, useful bacteria are formed, which subsequently completely inhibit in your organism all the pathogenic microflora, as well as the healing properties of vitamins, amino acids (in particular irreplaceable), various sugars and trace elements.

Natural kvass is similar to curdled milk or yogurt (and since all our ears have been buzzed with a kefir diet!), It has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and normalizes the nervous system (weight loss is stress, so why not pass it with low losses?), So pour in Drink! By the way, for active weight loss is fine with okroshka on kvass. It is nourishing and at the same time it contains few calories. In addition, this dish is perceived by all “to cheer!”, It can be safely eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Okroshka will not have time to squeeze, as you have already achieved the expected result and the successes of a thin waist will be marked with a glass of thick fragrant kvass!


Do you grieve that the barrels of kvass went away before the next hot season? Do not worry, in our time there is a chance to enjoy your favorite drink all year round. Company “Slavutich”, Carlsberg Group today offers the most popular in Ukraine (according to the latest research) kvass in bottles – “Kvas Taras”. A 100% natural grain raw material – rye and barley malt, traditional recipe and 72-hour live yeast fermentation – all this is “Kvas Taras”, with a nice sweet aroma of toasty breadcrumbs and a storehouse of vitamins in addition! The quality of this trademark confirmed the results of the test conducted by the Research Center for Independent Consumer Expertise “Test” – in August 2009, “Kvas Taras” was rated “excellent” because it turned out to be a natural and tasty drink!

“Unfortunately, the situation with the labeling of beverages remains at an unreliable level,” emphasizes Valentin Bezruki, president of the Consumer Expertise Center “Test”. “It’s sad that people still often get a bright sweet” lemonade “with synthetic ones instead of live and useful kvass flavors. The very concept of “kvass” is associated with a natural drink obtained by fermentation. It’s nice that Kvas Taras is exactly this. “

In addition, with “Kvas Taras” you can not take care of the health status of a barrel of kvas (it is known that the consumption of this health drink on tap today leaves much to be desired). Buying kvass in hermetic bottles, yet you feel calmer for its preparation, spilling and storing on automated factories.

Похудение — высший кВас!

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