Trends in autumn decor and interior

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Vintage accents

Тренды осеннего декора и интерьера

To create chic pillows, use French sackcloth with designer embroidery or family initials. The chairs can be covered with a gray cloth with prints of newspapers or old letters. In the trend of ancient floor lamps. Especially with antique copper ornaments and white milk lamps.

Harmony without the cost

Aesthetics premises may not require large expenditures, but it must necessarily have its own concept. Do not focus on one thing, try to create harmony of things, shades and materials. And most importantly – do it with a soul, and not just with a catalog in hand.

Home accessories

choose bright and bold colors to detail in the interior. Colored table lamps, pillows, rugs and telephones will diversify the situation and completely change the overall appearance of the room.


Select bedding sets: beautiful blanket and some pillows to it. Thanks to this, your bedroom will seem completely different. It is not necessary to choose it in the color of curtains or carpet – the main thing is that it corresponds to your mood and mental state, which is extremely important for a bedroom.

space and light

Make spring cleaning, get rid of old things and you will be surprised how it will change the housing. Find a place for each thing, because your apartment is not a closet, make it spacious and bright.


now a huge range of carpets to satisfy the tastes and desires of each. The color palette and all kinds of drawings will easily create the desired style and individuality of the room.


Pick up a set of decorative pillows for the cold season and separately – for summer. So you can change the situation several times a year without financial costs.


They are the important part of the practical and aesthetic point of view. They need to be selected very carefully, skillfully combined in a color palette with the rest of the interior. The only advice: do not stop at deep dark and very light colors.

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