Trend: Sensuality in the interior

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The interior of the house is the best description of its owner. Therefore, if you want to personalize space, make it more personal, do not be afraid to use interesting and original items in its decor. One of the latest trends in the interior is the use of erotic decor elements. Do you want to take a chance?

Тренд: эротика в интерьере

According to one of the best designers in the worldMartin Lawrence-Bullard, sex can only be described as the interior, where there is a highlight, or something personal. “Without individuality, there is no sex, no creativity. She is the oxygen we breathe, “he said.

His views are shared by the British designerPeter Rolf,who created a collection of sculptural furniture erotic Erotic Human Furniture. Original furniture immediately won the hearts of many. Is it possible to keep your eyes on something else, if there is such beauty and elegance before you? Such furniture will look great in the bedroom of the newlyweds or in the apartment of young, daring and creative people. “Serious conservatives are unlikely to perceive the collection as needed, and young people will like it,” the designer shared his thoughts.

Design- projects of Slovak authorPeter Jakubikalso filled with eroticism. The gizmos developed by him, despite all their simplicity and simplicity, look extremely frank, if not to say, pornographic.

read asFrom hippos made coffee tables

So, instead of children’s rocking horse this sexually liberated designer has created a rocking chair   for   adult. It is performed in the form of a woman who is in a very frank position. Correctly having entered this swing in the interior, you for certain will manage to achieve effect эпатажа.

The famous French designer  Philippe Starck  is also known for its erotic and bizarre forms of its creations. His projects are unmistakable-minimalism and bold bows. Stark likes to repeat that   things   in the modern world lose their functional properties and become only a means of   creating a unique   design that pleases the eye.

The cushions and armrests of this sofa are fixed on special sliding metal racks, which are conveniently fastened with handcuffs. And the pillows are installed at different angles (for different poses). Phillip Stark even wrote poems of erotic content on the occasion of the release of his collection.

To see a naked young lady in the reflection, you need to drop all the books from the shelves and turn the shelf into an unusual mirror. Still, Stark knows a lot about eroticism!

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