Top 3 exercises for the ideal press. Video

Waist and press problem zone for many girls, especially those trying to restore the figure after giving birth. I want a sexy andflat stomach.   We offer you 3 simple but effective exercises to make the waist aspen, andpress- in relief.

Топ 3 упражнения для идеального пресса. Видео

For classes you will need a ball weighing 2.5 – 3 kg,   comfortable carriage and roller.

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Exercise number 1:take a sitting position, keep heels together, legs slightly bent at the knees. Lean slightly back, while keeping the back flat. Take the ball in your hands and make circular movements in the sides. The ball is lowered to the level of the hips. For convenience, place the cushion at the waist. Repeat 10 times on each side. Exercise trains the muscles of the lower press, burns extra centimeters at the waist.

Exercise number 2:starting position – as in the previous exercise. Before rotating the ball to the sides, “tear off” the feet from the floor: thus the load doubles and all the muscles of the press are used. Repeat 10 times on each side.

Exercise number 3:initial position, as in the previous exercises. When making circular motions, hit the ball on the floor and catch it. Exercise also doubles the load on the muscles of the press and trains the muscles of the hands and chest.

Common Errors:You can not stoop – the back should be flat, shoulders straightened; during circular movements   hands must be fixed, only the back works.

Watch online video how to make the perfect house press.

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