Pumpkin stew: recipe for a rich vegetable dish with mushrooms

23Mar - by admin - 0 - In Food

Revision is not prepared to release the pumpkin season until wemaximally do not use this valuable product. Therefore, it’s time to publish an interesting recipe for pumpkin stew. This is a rich vegetable dish, in which you can add your favorite mushrooms.

Тыквенное рагу: рецепт богатого овощного блюда с добавлением грибов

Pumpkin is useful in any way, but it is best to bake or stew – so you can make and stews, anddelicious dessert with spicesand even pumpkin pie. Also, many people like to cook thepumpkin porridge in themultivariate, which saves a lot of time spent in the kitchen.  

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