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Cold drinking on a sultry day can easily provoke an airway disease, and the doctor will prescribe a course of antibiotics. But everyone knows that sensitive intestinal microflora is damaged after using antibiotics, causing symptoms of dysbiosis. As a result – discomfort, swelling, abdominal pain, nausea. Therefore, the intake of antibiotics must necessarily be accompanied by the appointment of probiotics.

Such recommendations are given by both therapists and pediatricians. And what about gynecologists?

After all, the microflora in the vagina of a woman is even more sensitive to antibiotics than the intestinal one. Dysbiosis (violation of the microflora of the vagina) is accompanied by secretions, itching, burning. To avoid these problems, an intimate microflora should be restored after treatment with antibiotics such diseases as bronchitis or angina, not to mention the gynecological diseases, after which the restoration of the flora is mandatory. Without this dysbiosis can not be avoided.

A vivid example of dysbiosis is thrush – until the flora of the vagina is fully restored, thrush will not recede and will become aggravated again and again.

Gynecologists recommend the use of vaginal probiotics that restore the amount of lactobacilli to restore the microflora. They must be used after each course of treatment with antibiotics or any candles. Vaginal probiotics come in several forms.

Some drugs contain only lactobacilli, others – lactobacilli and lactose (nutrient component for them). But the use of both gives a short-term effect: after a while   lactobacillus perishes. The fact is that these living microorganisms need special conditions: nutrition and attachment. Nutrition provides lactose, but this is not enough. To lactobacilli have taken root and multiplied in the vagina, they need to attach to the vaginal epithelium, and he after treatment   any antibiotics or candles is broken. Therefore, an effective probiotic should contain a complex of components: a sufficient number of live lactobacilli, lactose and a substance that restores the epithelium. In such circumstances   microflora   the vagina is normalized for 6-7 days, and the probability of dysbiosis is minimal.

And this means that uncomfortable symptoms: itching, burning, discharge will not disturb a woman. In Ukraine there is a complex containing all the components necessary for rapid and complete recovery of microflora   Are vaginal tabletsGynoflora.

Микрофлора под защитой

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