Learning not to overeat. How to deal with a deceptive feeling of hunger?

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To learn not to overeat, you need to eat when you want and be able to stop in time. Then you will not have problems with excess pleats on your abdomen. There are lucky ones who   can afford to eat everything and not get better.The whole secret is that they only eat when they are hungry.

Учимся не переедать. Как бороться с обманчивым чувством голода?

How to determine the feeling of hunger

Hunger for appetite   easy to distinguish: if you want to eat, then without much thought, you immediately say “yes!”, and   no, then the question arises, I’ll eat, but depending on what.

Avoiding overeating

, try & nbsp To avoid overeating; pay attention to their behavior during meals and the sensations after.

People often eat because they are bored or sad, or they feel sorry for throwing away what they have not eaten, or do not want to offend someone who treated them though they do not feel hungry. And maybe you eat because it’s just time for dinner? or did you want to chew in front of the TV?


*Eat only when you feel hungry. If you doubt that you want to eat, then you are not hungry and there is an extra sandwich is not necessary.

* After eating, immediately remove the plate so as not to add supplements and do not eat too much. Because everything is superfluous to turn into extra folds on the abdomen and hips.

* Do not overeat the salad after the guests because there is not enough space in the fridge.

*  Do not eat automatically   sweets that just lie in front of your eyes.

* When you go to work, you have an important meeting, be sure to eat so that the hunger does not catch you unawares and after you do not attack the food, eating two instead of one.

These tips such as simple, but actually require you some effort  .

  Eat only when you are hungry. Let the food does not become a cult! Remember, we do not live to eat, but to live! 

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