Johnny Depp in the desert: the company Dior organized a quest with an actor

There are three things you can look at endlessly: on fire, on water and on  Johnny Deppin the desert. Oh, how does this 52-year-old handsome look like the image of a gallant cowboy. Apparently, similar thoughts swarmed in the head and the Dior marketers, as the company came up with an unprecedented promo for its new fragrance Sauvage,whose face was elected Depp.  

As part of the advertising campaign, the Dior brand site has become a quest game. The user is offered to go through stretches of 40, 60 miles and watch a mini-film about how a sense of “savagery” is born, enclosed in a vial. More “fragrant” Western historyon the site Dior, and now just admire these frames.  


Джонни Депп в пустыне: компания Dior организовала квест с актером

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