How to warm up passion

The art of seduction, coquetry, flirtation, love game,
affection … There are a lot of erotica in this school. About them and talk …

Smell of passion

So, aroma … It’s a great symbol to indicate their sexual intentions
. Of several dozens of erotic essential oils, you can create
assorted only for your loved one. In order not to destroy the magic charms and
to support a love game, you must give a signal about your romantic mood!

Lodge passion

Aromatiziruem linens. 3 drops of undiluted essential oil of rosemary
– on the palm. And the fingers of the other hand are evenly applied to freshly ironed bed linens. This essential oil should not be left behind! From the earliest times, rosemary was called the “grass of the heart”. He inspires, inspires, inflames passion,
contributes to an increase in the duration of the love game!

Passion in water

Pour the required amount of foam bath into the cap from the vial and thereto was added 4 drops
sandalwood, 4 – neroli, 3 – ylang-ylang and 2 – marjoram . Each of the
oils carries an erotic load. Sandal enhances potency, makes you
inventive in caresses. Ylang Ylang enhances the pleasure of lovemaking and
from orgasm. Neroli lengthens the most pleasant sexual experiences. Majorana
introduces the taste of prohibition and mystery, makes the spine more flexible. You may not want to move to bed, and you will make love right in the water!

passion in the soul

Just something you need to add 7 drops of myrrh in the shower gel. Rastiraete each other
fragrant gel for a long time, stretching the pleasure of touching …
Rinse with cool water and, without wiping, surrender to love!

Passion heady kisses

Kisses will get spicy taste, if they are prepared in advance. You need an easy wine. In 2 teaspoons of honey add 3 drops of bergamot oil. Honey will acquire a familiar taste of tea “Gray Count”. This honey add in 0,7 l of cooked wine. This cocktail must be kept for 3 days in a warm dark place.
Shake before serving, sip and kiss until dizzy. Wine with
bergamot has the property of causing a special erotic pulsation.

Erotic massage

entire prelude can be devoted to mutual erotic massage as advised
“Kama Sutra.” A man in a woman gently rubs jasmine oil into her skin: 4 drops of ~ 10 grams of olive oil. Jasmine is a female fragrance. It liberates the withdrawn,
allows you to feel the pleasure of intimacy during pregnancy. A woman for a man
prepares for an elixir massage based on male ginger oil – 3 drops per 10
grams of olive oil.

Fragrance bedrooms

aromalampu Pour into warm water and add 5 drops of pine oil or musk.
Light the candle. Let the lamp burn all the time while you are having sex. Pine
gives a rush of energy and strength, brings fire and foolhardiness into action. Muscat
rejuvenates, renews sensations. Pragmatists, overly burdened with work, forget about things for a while, become romantics, and completely disconnect from

The science of seduction can be studied for the rest of your life, new and new notes are added every day. Even if this school will be of use, let it strengthen your mutual attraction! Love to you!


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