How to make a pleasant surprise to your man: a boring relationship

Not to get bogged down in everyday life, which sooner or later each pair comes up with, you need to fantasizewith your partner withC. We will tell you how you can make pleasant surprises for your man, to show him your love, and just have a good time together.

Как сделать приятный сюрприз своему мужчине: нескучные отношения

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How to make a pleasant surprise to your man: a happy ticket.Surely your loved one is addicted to something so much that you are sometimes jealous of a man for this attraction. It’s time to show him that you not only understand everything, but his passion for sharing with him is also ready. So buy tickets for a football match (a win-win option) and gladly shout “Goal!” At the stadium with him.

How to make a pleasant surprise to your man: a little gluttony.Usually men rarely appreciate our efforts when we mysteriously fuss in the kitchen, and then languidly say “sweet, parfait with berries and champagne are waiting for us.” Therefore, just arrange for him a harmful feast of the stomach, calling it “afternoon dog-walk andbeer.” Believe me, he will rejoice as a child and from the heart will be satisfied with such a gift.

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How to surprise her man: movie marathon.While he is at work, download his favorite movie, which you have long refused to watch or for the hundredth time to review. And for the weekend, arrange a home theater with popcorn. Just enjoy a cozy pastime, singing the soundtrack of “Star Wars” or the eternal “Rambo”.

How to make a pleasant surprise to your man: massage, sir.When he returns after a hard day’s work, close his eyes, lay him on the bed and start to massage. Before that, check out some training videos on Youtube to master the technique in perfection. After such a relaxation, you can continue and go to more intimate sites.

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How to make a pleasant surprise to the man: a trophy of his youth.Try to find something unique from his preferences, remember what he listened to or read in his youth. Many men at any age will be delighted with a T-shirt with the inscription, say, the Rolling Stones, and if it’s a vinyl record or comics, somebody might even fall into virginity for joy. And you did it!

How to make a pleasant surprise to your man: a sexy concubine for the evening.Nothing so pleases a man as a goodsex. But this is not surprising, so you will have to show ingenuity. Remember all that he told you about his preferences in bed and become his sexual slave (only in a good way, girls) at night. Role games and relaxed behavior are only welcome!

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