How to make a natural make-up?

Many famous makeup artists claim that one of the most difficult and at the same time the most popular is the natural make-up.

Correctly and professionally executed, it must be invisible, but at the same time emphasize your natural beauty, hide the imperfections of the exterior and emphasize the individuality and   dignity of your face.  

Natural makeup will never go out of fashion. It will always be relevant at all times, because it is a kind of classic in the art of make-up. For its implementation, you need: a minimum of cosmetics and your ability and talent to apply these tools.

The success of any makeup is in well-prepared skin. Natural makeup is no exception. There are a number of simple rules, adhering to which you can perform make-up of any complexity. Every evening, be sure to thoroughly clean, tone and moisturize the skin. Once every three weeks or a month, do a peeling. At least 1-2 times a week, arrange your skin with a “discharge day”, letting it breathe and take a break from the decorative cosmetics. Carefully follow the shape and condition of the eyebrows. Actually, these are all the rules. Next – the algorithm of making make-up in a natural style. The most important thing is a smooth and light skin tone. Aerobatics – to achieve the effect of his complete absence on the face. If your skin is far from ideal, you will need a foundation and foundation for make-up, smoothing the surface of the skin before applying it.   Many brands, having studied the demand, produce very light and weightless bases for make-up. They liked the make-up lovers so much that many girls and women prefer to apply this light foundation for make-up. Further all individually – someone is limited only to the base, and someone puts a light layer of foundation on top of it, and someone only powderes the face.

For oily skin matting bases and foundation creams are best. For combination skin, the right choice is the balancing base, which mats the T-zone, and the area of ​​the cheeks, cheekbones and temples moisturizes. Owners of dry skin before applying makeup is better to use a good moisturizer, as well as a foundation with words-tips – “satin”, “silk”, “creamy” (satin, silk, cream).

It is recommended to use a shimmering makeup base to give the skin a radiance. True, owners of oily skin should be applied only to the area of ​​cheekbones and temples, avoiding the T-zone. All means should be applied evenly in a very thin layer, after applying moisturizing cream. To apply the foundation and tonal means, many make-up artists recommend using a wet sponge.

To correct local deficiencies – bruises and circles under the eyes, masking pimples use masking pencils, correctors, concealers. They are also recommended to be applied with a light layer, with soft appliqué movements, slightly melting down the funds on the finger pads.  

Then, if desired, you can apply a light friable powder or fixing powder. It is recommended to do this with a large brush. Powder will ensure the durability of makeup, you less often have to correct it throughout the day. Do not forget that to create a natural make-up you should not choose powder with a bronze effect and a pearl luster.

Then, evenly color your eyebrows. To make the makeup look more natural, try to make the hair color match the color of the eyebrows.

Using a pencil for your eyes, draw a thin line along the growth of the eyelashes. The shade of a pencil can be any, the main thing – quiet and soft, pastel scale. Brown, dark gray, dark blue, smoky-ashy, graphite, quartz, chocolate, dark green – any shades will do.   To achieve the effect of “open eyes”, the line   The pencil should be held either on the upper eyelid, or on the lower one. It all depends on the structure of your face.

On the cheekbones, apply a transparent blush, giving preference to the natural shade. Do not forget – do not abuse blush. Take them at a minimum, each time adding intensity light, wide movements, carefully shading them along the line of the cheekbone. Blush is an important part of any make-up. They are like “sculptors” of your face oval – they make the lines correct and smooth.

Always remember the golden rule of makeup – an accent on either the eyes or the lips. Violated this rule only in some techniques of evening, event, creative and other types of bright makeup. Natural makeup involves a harmonious underlining of the eyes and lips. The last strokes are: applying mascara (usually brown, gray or black, but without the bulk   and the lengthening effects of the theatrical lashes);

transparent and light shadows; weightless and gentle shades of lipstick and lip gloss. Everything is very individual and depends on what kind of event you have.

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