How to get rid of pigmentation in intimate places

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The skin in intimate places has the property to darken. And with this phenomenon it is necessary to fight, because it is not very aesthetic. How to lightenintimate zonesat home, read in our material.

Как избавиться от пигментации в интимных местах

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Pigmentationin intimate areas occurs due to age-related changes, hormonal changes, skin characteristics, skin diseases. To get rid of the dark color of the skin “there” is quite realistic and, agree, with a well-groomed girl everything should be on top: regardless of whether one or another zone sees everything, or it is only available to a close person.  

How to whiten the skin in intimate places: Recipes

If you decide to do a skin bleaching in intimate places before, be sure to consult a doctor to rule out all possible skin disorders. Just some skin diseases are cleverly masked for pigmentation. When the doctor confirms that there are no diseases, proceed to simple procedures.

To prepare the skin, carefully spend the scrubbing of the areas that you plan to lighten. It will remove all the keratinized cells and allow the clarifying preparations to work better.

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For bleaching intimate zones take conventional hydrogen peroxide and applied to the intimate area for 10 minutes. Before you perform the procedure, be sure to do the test on your arm: apply the product and wait around half an hour. If there is no reaction to the skin, then you can go to intimate places. Course   –   1 treatment per week for two months.  

как отбелить интимные места  There are special creams with whitening effect for intimate areas. They can be used 2-3 times a day.

Also, while in the yard the parsley season, squeeze out the juice from it and wipe it in the morning and evening as a tonic. After a week of using this tool, you will see real results.

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2 times a week to do whitening mask with acids in the composition. Be neat, it is important to apply only to the skin, avoiding contact with the mucous membrane. In order not to cause skin irritation, at the beginning leave the mask for 5 minutes, with each procedure, increase the time to the indicated on the package.

  Pink nipples and tender skin near the labia are considered a sign of youth and freshness. In ancient times, girls who wanted to keep the men’s interest to themselves actively bleached these zones.

For the duration of the procedures, avoid contact of bleached areas with the sun, and after each procedure, do not forget to moisturize the skin with lotion or cream.

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