How to cook classic Scottish cookies: recipe from Olga Freimut

Olga Freimutonce told her subscribers in Instagram how in 10 minutes you can cook a traditional Scottish cookie. The TV presenter shared a family recipe that will conquer you with its simplicity and history.

Как приготовить классическое шотландское печенье: рецепт от Ольги Фреймут

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In his Instagrame Olga Freimuth shared this recipe Scottish shortbreda – a traditional pastry that is baked in order to it has always been at the family table. According to the TV presenter, this recipe was given to her from the grandmother of her daughter Zlata – Maureen Fliver (Zlata’s father – native Briton). According to popular stories, shortbread began to be made in the 12th century. Then it was baked only for special identical events or big holidays. Therefore shortbred appeared in the house at least once a year – for Christmas. And this simple, but very tasty crispy dessert has always been a must for weddings. According to the old Scottish tradition, when the bride came into the house, over her head must have been to break the cookie.   Apparently, for luck.

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Before cooking shortbreda highlight was the use of a large portion of butter. Also, once in the recipe, among the ingredients was oat flour, which was eventually replaced with wheat flour.   Now shortbread recipes have become much more diverse than in the olden days, they can have more than three ingredients. But the recipe of Olga Freimut is close to the traditional Scottish culinary recipes, so you will be able to taste the famous taste of cookies if you take a little time.

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As to the form of the traditional Scottish biscuit, then they are likely to prepare in the form of rectangular “bricks” or triangular pieces of cake

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