How to choose perfume as a gift

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Buy perfume for yourself, beloved, we will not be difficult. We just focus on your taste and the sensations that cause perfume. But how to choose perfume as a gift and not to lose? After all, the bottle of perfume is never superfluous and will be even welcome if it is chosen correctly – so that he likes his new owner.

I think the chances of getting to the point with the choice of perfume will increase if you listen to our advice. Today we tell how to choose perfume as a gift, which is suitable for a woman, and what for a man, and also the rules for selecting spirits by the sign of the zodiac.

General recommendations for selection of spirits as a gift

Of course, choosing a perfume, we need to analyze the future owner. For example, if we choose perfume for a man, then: what way of life he leads, where he works, his habits and type of appearance. And from this to build off.

It is believed that the more young the future owner of perfume, the more light smells will suit him. But here we must not forget about the taste of man. Remember, what kind of perfume did he use to use? Even in spite of their age, some prefer saturated, to the sugary sweet aromas. And vice versa.

Here are some general tips:

Choose the perfume by seasonal principle. In summer, give light and fresh smells, and in winter – woody, powdery, more harsh and sweet.

As already mentioned, the older the person, the more “serious” and elegant the smell should be.

The choice of perfume depends on the color of the hair. Blondes and blondes will get smoother smells than owners of dark hair. Last choose tart, spicy, chypre aromas.

Serious men and women, as well as people over 50, will be treated with conservative and calm smells.

Well, if you want to give a gift to your second half, then pick up a pair of aromas. These are, for example, in Clinique Happy, DKNY Be Delicious.

How to choose a perfume zodiac sign

Let us turn to the choice of spirits on the sign of the zodiac. So, what do the stars recommend us?

Aries – prefer bright, pronounced scents that attract attention.

Taurus are lovers of captivating, sexy fragrances, with floral-sweet notes.

Gemini will have fresh, citrus flavors to taste, besides, they tend to change perfume frequently, and therefore they will be happy with the novelties of perfumery.

Cancers are lovers of marine odors, as well as soft, soft, odor-fusing their bodies.

Lions are the elements of fire! And because the smell must be necessarily expensive, bright and memorable.

Virgos prefer cold, citrus and floral scents, do not like to experiment with smells and permanently tie to one perfume.

The scales will be delighted with light, fresh scents, as well as novelties with fruity and sweet flavors.

Scorpions are lovers of subtle flavors, but in their collection can be both cold citrus smells, and saturated eastern.

Sagittarians are original, so they like rare flavors, sea, citrus and floral smells.

Capricorns are by their nature traditionalists, and therefore they will prefer bitter, tobacco and astringent aromas.

Aquarius will be delighted with an unusual and romantic scent that combines scents of flowers and sea notes.

Fish prefer floral, sweet and sporty scents for every day.

So, we decided on the choice of perfume more specifically, now it remains to go to the store for purchase.

How to choose a perfume in a store

To begin with, what to choose perfume in a gift you need it in the store, not in tents on the market or in the subway, where you can certainly run into a fake. In addition, the store will help you with a choice of sales consultants. But more on that later.

With the type of smell, you have already decided, now choose the perfume version by the degree of firmness and saturation. Perfume can be: perfume (PARFUM or EXTRAIT), perfumed water (day dinners, EAU DE PARFUM, PARFUM DE TOILETTE) and toilet water (EAU DE TOILETTE). Spirits – the most persistent and concentrated, toilet water has a light and unsaturated smell.

When choosing a perfume, remember the advertisement of this fragrance that will help you decide on a choice: a blonde or brunette model, used colors and style of clothes (which will tell you the situation), and also the plot of the commercial.

The name of the fragrance says a lot: Hypnotic, Love, Romance involves the use for dating or intimate meetings, Joy, Happy, Fleurissimo – daily, daytime flavors.

It will help you to choose the color of the package and perfume bottle, you can read about it here: “Choose perfume correctly!” Remember what color the future owner of perfume prefers and select the bottle in accordance with his favorite color.

A little confusing description of the perfume, for example: “Estee Lauder released the feminine fragrance Beyond Paradise – an incredibly refined, exquisite, floral fragrance. Perfume composition is amazingly simple and complex at the same time. The main notes are: hyacinth, orange templar, orchid, jasmine, magnolia flowers, honeysuckle, plum blossom, tea tree bark, zebrano wood and amber.

How can you understand what a fragrance is? Helpers will come selling consultants, which will help you choose perfume based on your description of the person. You will only have to “taste” the fragrance, which is sprayed on special testers or so-called snuffles.

Once again, make sure your choice is correct – have you considered all the factors? And … buy the perfume that you think is the most suitable.

If you still prefer not to take risks in such a delicate matter, then buy a gift certificate, which is provided by every major cosmetics and perfumery store. And be sure – in this case you will be 100% satisfied!

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