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When choosing a refrigerator, you should always remember that it is he who sets the tone for the work of the entire kitchen, proudly towering over other elements of the interior. And in this sense, Samsung’s RL55TTE2C1/BWT model is the ideal conductor, which not only delicately leads the whole kitchen orchestra, but also masterfully fulfills its main refrigerating mission.


Before proceeding to review the functionality of the refrigerator, it is impossible to resist a small ode to its elegant appearance. Design – one of the major trumps of this model, they are justly proud of its developers, and its lucky owners. The front door of the refrigerator is made of tinted black glass, and you can describe it in two simple words – chic and gloss. The black facade perfectly emphasizes the simple and neat lines of the silhouette, making the Samsung RL55TTE2C1/BWTa high-tech icon. On the door is an energy-efficient touch-sensitive LED display with a soft blue backlight that recognizes the owner’s intentions at a single touch. With its help, it is possible to easily and quickly regulate the temperature in the refrigerating and freezing compartments of the refrigerator. Inside, everything is no less laconic and thought out: the shelves of tempered glass organically fit into the overall style and at the same time are designed for a load of up to 127 kg. The design of the model is completed by the illumination of the handles and the smooth back wall.

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Quiet operation and energy savings

The second big advantage of Samsung RL55TTE2C1/BWT – digital inverter compressor. Unlike conventional compressors, which are constantly switched on and off, it continuously regulates the heat flow, switching between 5 levels of cooling intensity. Thanks to this, a stable temperature and humidity are constantly maintained in the refrigerator chamber.

The digital inverter provides several advantages at once. First, the reduced noise level, which is only 38.5 dB (10% lower compared to conventional compressors). Therefore, the refrigerator is almost not audible, it does not make noise, does not vibrate and does not emit other unpleasant sounds interfering with sleep or rest. Secondly, RL55TTE2C1/BWT belongs to the energy efficiency class A +. And this means that it consumes much less electricity than any other refrigerator with a conventional compressor, which has a very positive effect on monthly bills. Finally, the third bonus is a longer service life, which is confirmed by a 10-year warranty on the inverter compressor from the manufacturer.

set of functions and the “chips»

model not only beautiful outside, but has a rich “internal world” – different functional and technological usefulness. Perhaps the main “chip” is the CoolSelect Zone with independent temperature control, a kind of refrigerator in the refrigerator. It can store any food and drinks, taking into account their characteristics, one of the four temperature regimes (light frost, zero zone, easy cooling or rapid cooling). Further – extremely useful technology NoFrost, thanks to which on the walls of the refrigerator does not form an ice crust, and therefore, it does not need to be thawed. Those who have ever had to do this, for sure with a shudder remember this procedure and will appreciate the benefits.  

Another innovation is the Multi Flow system. With its help, air flows pass through several fans located at the level of each shelf, and evenly cool the air in the chamber. Thanks to this, the Samsung RL55TTE2C1/BWT maintains an ideal temperature, and all products feel excellent. Finally, one can not at least casually not mention the fast freezing regime, which preserves the freshness, taste and nutrients of products for a long time, and the Volt Control system, which protects the refrigerator from voltage fluctuations in the network.

For user convenience

Samsung RL55TTE2C1/BWT attention to detail. Going on vacation? Intellectual system “Vacation” will turn off the refrigerator, but leave the freezer running, so that its contents wait for you safely. Uncomfortable to open the unit because of a nearby table or buffet? There is nothing easier: change the direction of opening, outweighed the door. Looking for where to place products, which you do not want to freeze, and leave it in a refrigerating chamber risky? Kindly – a special cooling zone located above the freezer, ideal for fish, meat and other perishable products. In a word, the developers really took care of ensuring that the RL55TTE2C1/BWT not only had good external data, but it was also a real professional in the field of cooling art.

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