From the caterpillar to the butterfly: how the hairstyle and make-up change a person beyond recognition

Not only from January 1 and Monday, you can start a new life. Spring is the time of the year when everything blooms and returns to life. So, it’s time to be inspired by the changes. See the gallery ashairstyles and makeup change the appearance of.

Из гусеницы в бабочку: как прическа и макияж меняют человека до неузнаваемости4DA1A46EC20CF93D5B4B60804739

Those wishing to participate in projects wherecorrect the appearance ofare always crowded – they are not frightened by plastic surgery, separation from their relatives, nor pain and heavy physical exertion. At the same time, experts who select participants argue that people are simply too critical of themselves and that in 90% of cases, it is enough to correct the shortcomings with makeup andwith the right hairdo.

See how properly selected style emphasizes female beauty:


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