Creativity can testify to psycho-devices

Increased human creativity may indicate that he has mental disorders, including very serious ones, as described in a new study by Swedish scientists.

As part of a study of 1 million people, it was found that artists, writers, poets, musicians and other creative individuals tend to suffer most from mental disorders. And worst of all have writers and journalists. It turns out that if they really differ creativity, then literally in every second case they have some kind of psychological frustration.

So, in particular, writers had a higher risk of anxiety and bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, unipolar depression and substance abuse, according to a report on a study of Swedish scientists from the Karolinska Institute. The writer also has about twice as many chances to settle his life as a result of deep depression, rather than the average person. Dancers and photographers also face bipolar disorders during their lifetime. Swedish researchers at the same time urge society not to romanticise people with mental health problems who are too often portrayed as faces with the struggle of two creative geniuses in the head.

Креативность может свидетельствовать о психрасстройствах

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parallel, researchers have found that creative people are more likely to have relatives with neurologic disorders, including congenital, among which the most frequent anorexia and autism. At the same time, many psychological disorders are really capable of kindling the fire of creativity in a person. Famous writer Virginia Woolf suffered for a long time from depression, as a result of which she drowned. The well-known tale of Hans Christian Andersen “The Ugly Duckling” was also written in moments of acute depression. American writer and journalist Ernest Hemingway throughout the part of his life actively struggled with depression, which resulted in the fact that he shot himself a shotgun. The author and playwright Graham Greene, according to the official version, also suffered from bipolar disorder.

There are a lot of similar examples. At the same time, the list of literary works, as well as popular songs and melodies written in the minutes of attacks of various disorders, including schizophrenia, is now counted in the hundreds. Apparently, the well-known character was right when he said that “A madman and a genius very often turn out to be extremes of the same essence.”


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