Change a man for the better: 7 ways to overcome his bad habits

The habit is the second nature. And with this statement it is difficult to argue. Each of us hashabits, which are difficult to fight and which are deeply embedded in our subconscious. But every woman wants and can wean her man from bad habits that irritate her most. Psychologists say that you can disaccustom from any habit for a month, if you set a goal. understood how to re-educate a man and overcome itbad habits.

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Some men just do not realize that their behavior may annoy someone. He used to not lift the toilet seat in the toilet, do not turn off the light in the bathroom, constantly being late, throwing socks around the apartment … Sit quietly and talk to your loved one, explaining that it is you who are annoying in his behavior. The first time you can drive a man by the handle, showing what and how to do it right. When he has already developed a reflex, you can stop constantly monitoring the performance of his or her responsibilities.

METHOD gingerbread

счастливая пара на кухне

In the struggle with bad habits men whip method is absolutely not work. If you are the hundredth time trying to reach out to him screaming for him to run the bed, wiping water in the bathroom, cleaning up his dirtyunderwearor putting the plate in the sink, it will not work. Only the carrot method will help. Praise him every time he learns a lesson and overcomes his bad habits. If the next time a man throws dirty laundry near the bed or does not put a dirty plate in the sink, do it for him, but only so that the man sees it. The method, of course, is labor-intensive, long and not 100 percent, but it is still better than simply tolerating and accumulating anger in yourself.

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Understand that provoked in your man this or that habit. For example, people nail their nails under the influence ofstressesand this habit is laid down in childhood. Baby habits are hard to eradicate, but you can. More adult bad habits,smokingor excessive craze for liquor, add up under the yoke of problems. The habit of being late comes when a person is not sure that he wants to go to a meeting or is afraid of something. When you know the root of all evil, you can bravely fight it.


молодая семья

to wean man of bad habits, you can be smart. For example, if he once scattered socks around the apartment, do not rush to collect them. Let the accumulation of sufficient quantity and demonstratively lay out with his socks heart in the bedroom. Such a touching message will not go unnoticed and he will guess (we hope so) to put the “fragrant” heart in a basket with dirty laundry. If a man does not turn off the light in the bathroom/the toilet/the bedroom/the kitchen, fighting this habit is useless. To cope with the annoying factor will help lamps equipped with motion sensors. You can also hang everywhere stickers – “dirty laundry put in the basket,” “before going to work, turn off lights and electrical appliances everywhere,” “tighten toothpaste,” “wash the dishes with him.” In general, invent!

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told his missus that he would be more comfortable to live without habits. And really, stop smoking and drinking, he can strengthen health and save money by cleaning up after himself – you will not squeal at him and time for cleaning will go much less, stop being late – bosses will treat better, stop biting his nails – his hands become more well-groomed (although few of the men care for their hands), etc. Describe to him in all colors the advantages of life without a bad habit and if he is not a fool, he will gradually give it up.

NOT vedis to provocations

молодая пара пьет чай

Men are more cunning – they are beautiful to sing the praises and tell his beloved that if she loves, must take it for what it is . Do not be led to a provocation and do not stop trying to eradicate the habit that terribly annoys you. The absence of reasons for another quarrelwill strengthen the relationship of, while regularly scattered dirty laundry, eating harmful food and not lowering the toilet seat in the toilet, can lead to parting.

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Bad habits easily replace useful. Instead of another break, invite him to drink a cup of tea withdelicious cookies. Instead of online games – go to themovie, a theater, an amusement park or just take a walk in the park. Instead of fast food, offer him an unusual, but tasty and less harmful dish. He may disagree, and maybe go to your meeting to please andavoid quarrels.

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