Cake pigeon’s milk”

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Required products:
egg for biscuit and soufflé – 4 and 3 (squirrel) pieces, sugar for biscuit and soufflé – 40 g and 180 g, cocoa powder – 5 g, wheat flour – 50 g or starch – 60 g, oil cream for cream – 300 g, condensed milk with sugar – 150 g, vanillin – at the tip of the knife, cognac – 1 ~ 2 teaspoons, water for syrup (souffle) and soaking gelatin – 50 g and 150 g, gelatin – 15? in
How to prepare a recipe:
For a biscuit, eggs are beaten with sugar until the volume increases 2-3 times. After this, pour flour or potato starch, which can be combined with sifted cocoa, and quickly knead the dough.
Bake a biscuit in an oiled form, filling it with 1/2 heights, at 220 ° C for 20-25 minutes (the finished biscuit springs when pressed with the hand). Cool and cut into 2-3 layers.
For cream, beat the butter to a lush mass, gradually adding condensed milk, at the end enter cognac and diluted with hot water vanillin. Prepare the souffle.

Prepare the soufflé. Souffle slightly cooled, connect with 1 ~ 4 oil cream and gently stir.
The biscuit layers are glued together with the remaining cream, put in a mold (it is more detachable), the souffle is poured from above, the surface is leveled and cooled to gelation.
The resulting blank is released from the mold by cutting the souffle at the edge edges. The top and sides of the cake glaze 100 g of chocolate, melted with 30 g of butter on   water bath.

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