Borsch Malorossiysky from sour cabbage

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Boil broth from beef in half with pork (600 g each). Meat is taken from a brisket, a thick edge or curl.
15 glasses of bread-beet kvass (200 g of rye bread, 6 beets, 3 l of water, 2 days in the sun) are poured into the pan, add meat, roots, a bunch of greenery, 6-8 beet leaves, green onions, 2 bulbs, 5 – 10 pcs. black pepper, bay leaf – weld, drain.
Squeeze 1/2 pounds of sour cabbage, turn over with boiling water.
200 grams of table beet bake, chop, cut into slices 2 to 3 tomatoes, 1 ~ 4 cups of white beans (or beans) boil separately.
1.5 hours before the holiday, boil the ham, meat, cabbage in the broth. For half an hour put tomatoes, beans, 6-8 pieces of potatoes, 1 ~ 2 cups of flour (stirred in broth), then pour in 1 ~ 2 cup sour cream, drop pieces of brisket (1 ~ 4 chicken pieces, ducks) into the broth, pour kvass to taste.
In the soup bowl, put parsley, dill, pour borscht. To it give cheesecakes with cottage cheese, meat pyshki, buckwheat croutons.
Lovers can add a plate of fresh mushrooms, a piece of fresh lard, 1 ~ 4 cups of millet (crushed together), 1-1.5 cups of red table wine.

Борщ малороссийский из кислой капусты

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