Attention! Found the cause of all diseases!

Thanks to advances in medicine, many diseases are curable. But science has gone further: now many diseases can be determined by the eyes, and their cause can be found in the character of a person!

Внимание! Найдена причина всех болезней!

cause of all diseases in a person’s character

Scientists have found that that a disease you’re dependent on your character
We instigators-patient gallbladder
people who are like everywhere waiting – pankreateta victim, gallbladder disease and renal colic.   These people are quick-tempered and can easily build relationships.
Asthma-verdict of subtle natures
The easily vulnerable, suspicious, nervous and anxious character of creative individuals is explained simply – they have weak lungs. These people often suffer from asthma, bronchitis pneumonia
Panties – diseased kidneys
It turned out that an excess of fear affects the kidneys and bladder
Were they angry? Check the liver
Anger destroys the liver – this body is not in vain called the keeper of offense.

Which diseases are visible in the eyes?

Eyes are one of the most complex and most mysterious organs of the human body. In literature, they are often called the “mirror of the soul”, but they can also become a mirror of those diseases that are clearly and still secretly developing in our body.

So strongly swollen upper eyelids can talk about the beginning of stone formation in the gallbladder. Dilapidated eyeballs combined with redness of the cornea are evidence of developing glaucoma.

If a white slimy coating appears regularly on the eyes, it is worth checking with an ophthalmologist for cataracts.

Small dark spots under the eyes should alert you to the formation of kidney stones. Barley on the eye can talk about either a contaminated infection, or make you limit the consumption of fatty foods (especially pork), which hinders the functioning of the liver and gallbladder.

If the skin under the eyes has acquired a purple or brown hue, it is a signal to check the kidneys, the blood glucose level, the thyroid gland and the cardiovascular system. Somewhere a misfortune happened.

Frequent blinking can be a sign not only of self-doubt, but also of diseases of the nervous system and liver.

If you look at the inner surface of the eyelids, then in a healthy person it should be a smooth pink color.

In case the color became pronounced red, it indicates a violation of blood circulation, digestive system disorders or problems in the genital area.

The white color of the inner surface of the eyelids signals the violation of circulation. Most likely, we are talking about iron deficiency anemia and a lack of hemoglobin in the blood.

A red and yellow shade indicates a disorder of the kidneys, liver, spleen, pancreas, or heart. So, we advise you to follow your eyes, and they will warn you in time of major health problems.


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