Anna Sui released a new fragrance La Vie de Boheme

House of Anna Sui introduced a new floral-fruity fragrance La Vie de Boheme. The perfume composition was inspired by the bohemian spirit and way of life and consists of woody note, rose, pear, berries, pitaia, peony, sandalwood, musk and black vanilla.

Anna Sui выпустили новый аромат La Vie de Boheme

“The style of La Vie de Bohème is evolving, but some of its basic elements remain unchanged.The woman in this style is a little cocky, quite romantic and artistic.In fact, this is a truly modern woman. Yes, the bohemian style involves a mixture of different styles, dresses, boots, hats, light negligence, but each generation brings something to it, because La Vie de Boheme is a unique expression of personal style, “the designer told of the fragrance.

Soon the fragrance will be available in volumes of 30, 50 and 75 ml as EDT. The collection also included a perfumed body lotion and shower gel.

The fragrance is composed of:

Top notes: rose, pear, berries, Pitahaya

Heart: peony

Base: woody notes, sandalwood, musk, vanilla, black


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