8 amazing facts about sex that you want to check yourself

It seems that even more interesting and unusual can you learn about sex? About him he wrote so many books, articles, filmedmovies about sexand all around just talk about him. But no, there are such cool facts that you want to believe. The inquisitive minds of HOCHU.ua could not pass by these facts and decided to please them with you!

8 удивительных фактов о сексе, которые захочется проверить самому

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due to the long absence of sex penis can reduce

This is not a joke! It is proved that for normal functioning of this organ, he needs regular seed-removing discharges. If this is not done, the penis will not only decrease, but the male health will be shaken (prostate diseases are possible). So, for the health and prevention of reducing themale genital organ, they need to provide sexual activity at least 3 times a week.


факты о сексе

ridiculous? But it’s true. Scientists explain this surprising fact by the fact that during ovulation women have special pheromones that excite clients and they become more compliant and generous. So, you can safely ask the boss for a job during ovulation, in order to earn more tips.

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Interestingly, in ancient Greece, if a man changes hiswife, he was shaved pubic hair, and a radish was inserted into the anus. That’s how an ordinary radish could save a family or expose a man to a general ridicule. It is a pity, now that such manipulations can be regarded as a mockery of a man …


8 фактов про секс

Yes, yes, it is an erection, we were not mistaken. This is confirmed by the data of physicians. They argue, then during an ultrasound study you can clearly see the erection of the boy. So, even an unborn man thinks only one place and only one thing that you can want from adults?

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allergic to orgasm

And this also happens. Most often it affects men. After having sex, these are allergic people with all the symptoms of an ordinary cold. Scientists associate this with the non-acceptance of sperm, which is released after orgasm.

inflatable doll NAZIS

удивительные факты о сексе

During the Second World War, there were many problems, but one of the island is considered the problem of syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases, because the military often resorted to prostitution . To protect his troops, Adolf Hitler gave the order to Olena Hannussen to develop special dolls that could satisfy the man. To these sex dolls was compiled a whole list of requirements – necessarily a blonde with blue eyes, big breasts and life-size. That’s why modern rubber dolls look exactly the same.

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strange word that came up specially to designate an orgasm that occurs during trainingfitness. According to statistics, women experience such an orgasm more often than men and this happens during an exercise in press-twisting.

feet warm

интересные факты о сексе

According to statistics, the orgasm is faster in people whose legs are warm. This applies to both partners. Therefore, you should not scold your man if he refuses to remove his socks during coition, but you need to follow his example.

And better, give him a brand new warm crocheted socks and put on the same ones. Yes, maybe you will both laugh, but the sex will turn out to be magical, memorable and with the rapid achievement of orgasm.

These are the strange things that happen in the world of sex. Have not you believed us yet? Then try to try out some of the tricks on yourself!

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