15 secrets of conjugal sex

This article lists the most common tips that will help to strengthen the relationship between pairs.

1. Talk to each other about your sexual relationship. This is the most important point, since it is he who strengthens your relationship. Perhaps, at first you will be a little uncomfortable, but later a conversation on this topic will certainly bring you even closer. You can discuss your personal life with a partner in silence, during an evening walk.

2. Start the “prelude” as early as possible. You can start right from the early morning: give your second half a passionate kiss, instead of the duty “chmoka” cheek. During the day, also give each other pleasant moments: call your lover at work or send a romantic e-mail. When you return home, massage, for example, his shoulders.

3. During the day, remember that you are a living person who also needs sex. Even if the day turned out to be extremely tense, open a few minutes and think about your partner or fantasize about a love topic.

4. Find time and privacy. If both of you lead a very tense life, constantly plan your day and even free time, then simply include in your schedule of work and such a graph as sex.

5. Do not forget that sex should bring pleasure and start up. Therefore, use everything that can excite you (toys, beautiful underwear). The most memorable sexual intercourse is not the moment when you managed to reach the highest orgasm. The most important thing is the process itself, the prelude, your behavior. 6. Start with the supermarket. Buy only those products that can be used in the “love game” (whipped cream, chocolate cream, bananas or cucumbers). They will not only excite you, but simply cheer you up.

7. Try to take the initiative in turn. Sex should bring pleasure to both partners, and both partners should take the initiative.

8. Remember that sexual arousal is directly related to communication. For example, if you plan to do love in the evening, you both should just talk with each other. Instead of watching TV in different rooms, record a show that both of you like on video, and look together, read poems to each other, discuss a joint vacation or view a joint photo album. 8. Learn to understand each other. You are able, for example, to read the thoughts of your second half? Probably no. But why not try it? Perhaps you will find that you are tuned to the same wave.

10. Imagine that this is the last minute before a long separation. Enjoy every moment, give each other so much warmth and attention, as if it was your last meeting. 11. Make a list of what you like. For example, each of us has his own favorite color, flower, dish, etc. Do you know what your partner likes in bed? Take a sheet, write in one column what you prefer in bed, and what does not suit you. Let your partner do the same. Then, exchange the sheets, so you both will know each other even closer.

12. Arrange disco. Instead of sitting at home and stupidly watching boredom TV, turn on the music center and dance together.

13. Share with each other your erotic fantasies. If, for example, you do not dare to frankly talk about your erotic fantasies, invite your partner to write a love story together, which would reflect your erotic fantasies. So you will hint to each other about what you would like in bed. 14. How to overcome embarrassment. If you are shy to buy erotica on video, for fear that someone will know you and think about you badly, buy a video in the most remote area of ​​the city or in another city.

15. Create your own classics, but do not store it for too long. If you are excited by the idea of ​​recording on video how you make love, do it. After you look at it several times, erase it so that it does not accidentally fall into the eyes of someone who does not need it.

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