What can you save: budgetary beauty finds

I chose 10 budget but high-quality beauty products that will help save your money.

На чем можно сэкономить: бюджетные бьюти-находки

Micellar water from Garnier

The brand Garnier so many different budget, but it is especially worth mentioning micellar water. The product is very effective and gently cleanses the skin of makeup and other contaminants. By its properties is not inferior to the legendary micellar water from Bioderma (by the way, these two products are often compared with each other). The micellar water from Garnier basically moisturizes and soothes. Does not contain alcohol. Without smell. Suitable even for the most sensitive skin. Approximate cost – 33 UAH.

Lip Balm «SOS-recovery»   from   Nivea

Ahead cold for many will topical search quality and efficient balm for lips. We recommend that you try the “SOS Recovery” tool from   from Nivea. Its formula contains a large number of active ingredients, as well as dexpanthenol, which has a unique ability to accelerate the regeneration of cells, due to which the skin of the lips is very quickly restored. The product intensively nourishes and moisturizes. Excellent find for autumn and winter. Approximate cost is 27 UAH.

Sun refreshing cream-gel for face Sun + SPF   30 from Avon

Use tools with SPF or sanskriny necessary all year round, which is why we recommend that you pay attention to sunscreen from A von. It is very light, not greasy, does not leave behind the sensation of a mask on the face, it is quickly absorbed and has a good protection factor SPF 30. The approximate cost is 65 UAH.

resistant pencil-eyeliner The ONE by Oriflame

The ONE pencil with the Oriflame   excellent quality, good durability and a convenient felt applicator, which you can move a smooth arrow in one movement. The liner is presented in 4 shades: black, brown, blue and green. Approximate value – 63 UAH.

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gel for eyebrows from Catrice

Otley A gel for eyebrows, which, in addition to fixing their shape well, gives them a light shade. There are not many similar universal products on the market. Approximate cost – 40 UAH.

Universal means for lips and cheeks Very Me Cheeky Lips Stain from Oriflame

Lip gloss and blush in one tube – not only savings money, but also places in the cosmetic bag. In addition, Very Me Cheeky Lips Stain gives a shade, plus it takes care of the lips and softens the skin. Approximate cost – 54 UAH.

Lipstick on Essence

Despite affordable prices, lipstick Essence of fine quality. Soft, velvet texture, with a small shimmer. Gives a translucent coating. Especially recommend to look at the shade number 63 Flattering Nude. Approximate cost – 30 UAH.

Hot Scrub for reducing fat deposits by Floresan

Hot scrub from Floresan – effective means to reduce the fat content and fight against cellulite. The product really works, and stands, in comparison with its counterparts, quite budget. In the composition of oil extract of red pepper and essential oils of cinnamon, due to which the agent heats the skin and accelerates the blood circulation. Approximate cost – 78 UAH.

cream “Luxury” hands with macadamia oil from the “Velvet Hands»

In cold weather, hand creams are consumed very quickly, so it is doubly pleasant to find not only quality, but also budgetary  tool. Hand cream “Velvet handles” is just from this category. It contains macadamia oil, which instantly absorbs and nourishes the skin with nutrients. The cream helps to restore the lipid balance of the skin, retain moisture, perfectly softens and makes the skin supple and velvety. Approximate cost – 30 UAH.

Burdock oil for hair with red pepper

Burdock oil for hair – is one of those tools that cost a penny, and give a good effect. Burdock oil with red pepper strengthens and accelerates the growth of hair. With regular application, hair grows faster, becomes thicker and acquires shine. Approximate cost – 10 UAH.  

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