Video: Greek hairstyle on long hair

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Hairstyle in the Greek style is very practical, does not require special skills and is appropriate for any occasion: work, appointment or social event. If you are tired of simple tails and pigtails, see the master class on creating a Greek hairstyle.

Видеоурок: греческая прическа на длинных волосах

read asVideo Tutorial: An unusual hairstyle by Badgley Mischka

You will need:invisible and dressing-gum.

How do

On the loose, slightly tousled hair put on a dressing-gum, fix it on both sides of the Invisibles.

Separate the strand, make the hair and curl over the bandage. After that, stretch the strand a little, so that the hairstyle looks careless.

The ends of the previous strand weave into the next, do the hair and in the same way twist the elastic.

The last strand on the back of the neck, try to scroll twice around the rubber band   and fix it well with lacquer.

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