Trend 2016: How to quickly make light careless ringlets

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In 2016 the most actual type of hairstyles will be naturalness and naturalness. A bright representative of this trend are the light carelesslocks, which every girl can do at home. How to quickly create light careless ringlets   –   read in our material.  

Тренд 2016: как быстро сделать легкие небрежные локоны

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Light casual careless curls – & nbsp; currentthe installation of thehas been running for several seasons. Especially fashionable it will be in the spring and summer of 2016. It must be acknowledged that this styling looks great, it is very easy and quickly done and looks appropriate under any circumstances. To do it at home, follow the simple rules. & Nbsp;

how to quickly make slight negligence curl

небрежные локоны

To make easy careless curls, you do not need a lot of experience and a special love for hairstyles with this styling can handle even a child. You will need tongs to create it. So, on damp clean hair, apply a little favorite hair styling and dry it with a hair dryer until it dries completely. & Nbsp;

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& nbsp; If you have curly hair use a spray and hair gels, thin and straight fit mousses. You can also do a nail polish of light or medium fixation. This option is suitable if your hair keeps the curl well. & Nbsp;

Divide the hair into four parts and start winding them on the forceps, leaving the tip (4 centimeters) unshaved. At the same time, twist one strand downwards (for this, step off 4 cm from the tip, and twist the hair to the root), and the other curl from the root (put the forceps at the root, and roll a strand on them, leaving 4 cm free). Thus, work through all 4 zones.

небрежные локоны

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After the haircut is ready, let the hair to cool completely, then tilt the head forward and worked well with lacquer. If necessary, whip the curls with your hands.

In order for careless curls to look beautiful, you must have healthy hair. If they are damaged, after laying on the tips, apply a few drops of hair oils (industrial). This will give them a smoothness and remove the fluffiness. Also, do not forget to put a thermal protection product on your hair after washing. & Nbsp; A621DD1FB9F313A95D8CB8C4AB036A7D7CB8C4AB036F7A

Please note that before making careless ringlets, the hair needs to be well moistened, since this styling emphasizes the dryness of the hair. To do this, use themoisturizing maskat the time of washing the head. It only takes 10-15 minutes of your time, but it will give you an excellent result. & Nbsp;

небрежные локоны

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It is worth noting that frequent hot packing, of course, sap the hair. Try not to do them every day. And, if this is not achieved, once a week, make sure to use an oil mask for hair to prevent them from becoming dry: mixcoconut oiland avocado oil in equal proportions, and apply to the hair. Well rub the mixture so that the hair under the friction of the hands warmed up a little. Leave the mask for 30 minutes, then wash with the usual shampoo. Do not forget to use the air conditioner. & Nbsp;

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