Top 7 secrets of beauty Monica Bellucci

One of the most beautiful women in the world, luxurious and always feminine, Monica Bellucci looks amazing at her age of 49! Her beauty is natural and natural. I WANT to reveal the secrets that help the world celebrity to remain a model of beauty for many women of the world.

Топ 7 секретов красоты Моники Белуччи

Gentle hair care

Whenever Monica Bellucci washes her head, she dilutes the shampoo mineral water to reduce its concentration. Thus, shampoo does not overdry the scalp and hair. Foam Monica uses only in extreme cases, for example, before public events, when it is necessary to make a styling. All the rest of the time, the hair dries naturally. For the shine of hair, the actress uses the usual olive oil, which also makes the hair soft and well-groomed.

cold shower

Every morning, Monica Bellucci begins with a cool shower. Cold water perfectly stimulates the microcirculation of the skin and trains the vessels, thanks to this the skin retains its elasticity and tone.

moisturizing spray

Humidification – a pledge beautiful and youthful skin. Monica Bellucci constantly uses refreshing sprays. They help keep it fresh and have a good complexion.

Care Lip

In an interview, the actress admitted that very carefully cares for lips, because he believes that it is one of the most attractive parts of a woman’s body. Nature has awarded Monica puffy lips that dry quickly, so the actress moisturizes them daily, using light cosmetic products.

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Monica Bellucci has a very bright appearance, so it can easily do without makeup. However, make-up for the actress, as a kind of “protective shield” from the outside world. “When you are without makeup, you are more vulnerable. It’s like armor, which we women sometimes use. It helps create some distance between us and other people. But at the same time, we make ourselves more beautiful for others and for ourselves, “says Monica Bellucci in an interview for the American portal

In addition, the actress is sure that the main female weapon is red lipstick on the lips. Such a bright accent is already enough to look noticeable and sexy. But in general, Monica prefers natural shades in make-up, which favorably emphasize her natural beauty.


As recognized actress, before the birth of her second child, she had not taken anything special in relation to the figure. But with the advent of the second baby, I realized that it’s time to start watching yourself more carefully. Therefore now the actress is more cautious with food, tries to use less carbohydrates and drink a lot of water. Regarding sport, he was never her skate. Nevertheless, the actress tries whenever possible to attend the gym, especially she likes yoga and swimming. The rest of the time, Monica Bellucci simply tries to be more active and move a lot.


One of the key points in terms of beauty Monica Bellucci is a healthy sleep. The actress is sure that if you sleep well 8-9 hours, you will always look great.

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