Spring dream, or Fresh spring scents

3 days ago we turned the calendar sheet and realized with relief that the spring came … And let the frost today make us feel the chill sliding along the body, and the wind blew in the opposite direction from the direction of our path, forcing to turn away, on our minds, we have an idea that winter remained in the state of   not for long …

Весенний сон, или Свежие ароматы весны

After all, sooner or later the end comes: all adversity in our life path, all griefs, disappointments and unpleasant surprises … In the same way, the place of the winter that reigns now will take on such long-awaited spring with all the powers that are relying on it. You are already impatient? And me too!

Do you want me to share with you a secret? I realized that to get out of the winter melancholy and feel the spring joy in my soul can help … spring scent! It would seem that it’s as simple as choosing a fragrance for yourself, ordering it, it’s delivered to you home after a day – and then it’s something. As a medicine: take a couple drops a day with acute hot flashes of depression and apathy, and you can and just for the prevention – not to succumb to the negative impact of surrounding people, still angry with the prolonged winter and not warmed by the barely noticeable breeze of spring. By the way, what gift on March 8 can raise the mood of your girlfriend (mom, sisters or just a friend) better than the new fragrance? Any ideas? Then share, since to me anything in a head does not come …

So, is closer to business! We proceed to a description of the latest flavors of spring 2009 …


Spring freshness

Dreaming Pearl by Tommy Hilfiger is a limited version of the famous Dreaming, the main feature which feature is an easier concentration of flavor. Gentle freesia flirts with tuberose in the “heart”, giving the composition a spring freshness and sensuality. This is a feminine cocktail of feelings that will tell others about your hidden desires.


heady freshness

Omnia Green Jade Bvlgari delights of intoxicating freshness and cleanliness solar mandarin spring water. An inspired peony merges with an appetizing pear into a harmonious symphony of feelings that embody the renewal and the inflow of vitality. Soft notes of pistachios give the fragrance a special elegance and uniqueness.GUERLAIN PARFUM INSOLENCE EAU GLACEE

incarnation of freshness and femininity

Insolence Eau Glacee by Guerlain symbolizes the carefree youth and vigorous femininity represented by fresh and light notes of green apple and red berries. The fragrance creates an intriguing image of sexuality, which is revealed in the “heart” by the flowers of the refined iris and the leaves of the violet, emphasizing the beauty and fragility of this lady. This melody of happiness and youth, charming all around with its charm, will present a positive sunny mood for the whole day.


Symphony bright feelings

Incanto Bliss by Salvatore Ferragamo inspires with its unique aroma of red apple and kumquat, which unveils a symphony of bright yuzu feelings. Seductive flowers of the proud lotus fascinate the shy freesia, leaving the most cherished memories of female beauty.


Spring charm

Boss Femme L`Eau Fraiche by Hugo Boss is a third variation on Hugo Boss Femme, which differs especially lightness of citrus notes, dedicated to romantic and frivolous spring feelings. Snow-white flowers of stephanotis give the fragrance a special tenderness and uniqueness, refreshing chords of which will help its owner to create an image of an elegant and refined nature. Soft creamy amber creates a sweet charm in the train, emphasizing the shyness and flirtatiousness of this lady.


magical power of femininity

Magic Woman by Bruno Banani submits its lightness and unique sensuality unpredictable melon, delighting tenderness violets. The affectionate lily of the valley coquettishly flirts with strawberries in the “heart”, fascinating with its charm all around. Musk gives a magical fullness to the fragrance, revealing all the secrets of your femininity and sexuality.


Gentle luxury

Le Parfum Zeste & amp; Musc from Max Mara evokes ice chords and juicy citruses, leaving a tender and sensual delight from the snow-white colors of the magnolia. The bright sound of the aroma is given to the male chord of nutmeg, which dopes and gives femininity to its possessor.


unsurpassed Chanel style wraparound vetiver

Chanel proves that vetiver may be worthy the basis for a luxurious flavor in the style of the brand. The main theme of “Sycomore” is the glorification of the vetiver’s elegance, crossed with noble juniper wood and a salt-mineral ambroxan. From the first seconds you take the smell for a man thanks to peppery persistent notes that pick up warm woody sweetness. Immediately come to mind pictures in the mysterious thick coniferous forests of Tolkien’s books or Barton’s films. In the end, a resinous, long-playing trail intoxicates, which can not be forgotten.


seductive sensuality

Ange ou Demon Tender Diamantissime from Givenchy is a bright flash of passion raging between an angel and a demon. The shy lily of the valley will forever preserve the mystery of coquetry with an impregnable lily. The fragrance has a unique sensuality of patchouli, which liberates and gives confidence.


first stop in the “Cruise Collection»

Escale à Portofino by the legendary Christian Dior – the debut of the “cruise collection of fragrances”, which will bring together the overall design bottles. Portofino, the famous resort on the Italian Riviera, is the first stop in the sea of ​​elegant freshness presented to the world by the perfumer of the greatest House Francois Demachy. He staked on the classic composition of cologne, decorating and diversifying her with flowers of orange and Sicilian orange, carried to the Mediterranean lands. The softness of almonds in the “heart” of the fragrance is set off by the “cold” spicy and woody chords of cypress, cedar and musk. A fragrant galban in a compartment with caraway seeds endow the bouquet with a noble luxury and a rich train.


Dedication natural splendor of the Spanish Alhambra

Les Eaux Armani Prive collection of the Italian House of Armani, dedicated to the most famous gardens of the world, this summer replenished another jewel. The third flavor of the Oranger Alhambra series pays tribute to the beauty of the Spanish pearl of the Alhambra. Her primordial beauty was admired by Irving in “The Legend of the Arabian Starlet” and Pushkin in “The Tale of the Golden Cockerel”, and today she “evokes from the designer memories of childhood, freshness and sun of the Mediterranean.” The initial notes of lemon, bergamot and bitter orange are like a murmur water in the garden and the coolness of glazed ceramics.The heart of the fragrance is the fragrance of the flowers of petitrene, rosemary, jasmine and rose, like the taste of wonderful spring water and fruits.Moch and patchouli in the train are like a pleasant feeling of warmth of stone, They remind its proximity aesthetic ideals and the East.


Victoria’s Secret proves once again that in creating a unique female image it is impossible to do without beautiful underwear and perfect fragrance. Isle of Pink, released in limited edition, can be enjoyed constantly, like raspberry ice cream, decorated with vanilla sweetness. A fabulous dessert made of sorbet, frozen mango, candied apple, filled with coconut water, as if created to give joy to a sensual girl who can enjoy life. Floral notes of heliotrope, freesia and pink nectar in the “heart” give birth to a true natural charm, enveloped in an amber trumpet and Kashmiri musk.


Inspire freshness

Deseo Forever by Jennifer Lopez inspires freshness of bergamot and juicy peach tender, enamored of fresh freesia petals. Feel the new soaring lightness of the white blossoms of orange blossom and magnolia that will reveal your sensuality and sexuality with contrasting vigorous shades of minerals and persistent bitter chords of patchouli.


Mirror female soul

Silver For Her Limited Edition by Narciso Rodriguez – a mirror of the female soul, which reveals floral notes with a light reflection spices. This is a bright mix of charm and charm that will not leave you unnoticed, prompting desire and passion. Tell the world about your secrets without saying a word, musk plume will tell for you.

Men’s fragrances 2009


extravagant fragrance for strong men

young and confident in the future man – a resident of the big city – you need a special flavor. The Hugo Boss brand knows exactly what is needed for such strong and determined people, so he presented to the strict court judges of elite perfumery another masterpiece – Hugo Element. In an elegant bottle in the form of a symbolic bottle with oxygen, a harmonious alliance of self-sufficient ginger, refreshing cedar, tart coriander and energetic Calone is concealed, inviting everyone, with a train of nobleness and emancipation, with courage and cheerfulness.


F by Ferragamo Black pour homme by Salvatore Ferragamo will wake you in the energy of the night, seducing dance sharp and sultry pepper and tender lavender. The spicy chords of coriander are added to the aroma of sophistication and sophistication, liberating passionate intentions and giving confidence. The mystical motives of Labdanum will enchant the night with a magical mischief that will emphasize your individuality.


Diamonds for Men

Company presents Armani Diamonds for men! An exquisite woody fragrance was developed by perfumer Jacques Cavalier. The face of the advertising company was the Hollywood actor and star Josh Hartnett, who has a magnetic charm and charisma. His personality, attractiveness and amazing philosophical approach to life inspired the perfumer to create this fragrance.


Harmony Eastern wisdom and prudence of maturity in one flavor

Cartier Jewelry brand has launched a new men’s fragrance Roadster, named for the famous men’s watches brand. The author of the new fragrance, which is described as a mineral mixture, perfumer Matilda Laurent. The composition harmoniously combines the top notes of bergamot and mint with the chords of vetiver, patchouli, cashmere wood, labdanum and vanilla. The bottle is designed in such a way that it lies on its side to symbolize the traveler’s movement from the 60’s to the 70’s. According to the manufacturer, the novelty is aimed at men over 45 years old.


Saucy citrus cocktail of elegance and tenderness violet

Men Absolute Intense by Jil Sander breeds border nedosigaemosti and bliss, blending vectors timeless traditions. This fragrance is for bold men who love experiments and are confident in their charms of seduction. This cocky cocktail of citrus elegance and classic leather, seasoned with delicate flowers of violet and lavender, which invite to a frank conversation about the mysteries and mysteries of magnetic attraction.


seductive confidence

in the collection of the same name perfumes by Dunhill Fragrance arrived. Reflection of the style of a true English gentleman, the fragrance of Dunhill Black is designed to give the image an individual strictness and chic. Its creator, Will Andrews, praised his masterpiece as “the fragrance with an unusual masculine sound, combining a sharp green with a sensual base. ” And indeed, his initial note strikes with its surprise – it’s green nettle. A reminder of the classic leather products of the brand – a soft suede chord in the train.

As you can see, the choice is great and there is something to choose from. A   respectively   and ways to raise your spring mood at your disposal   weight. So c spring you, dear ones, and love yourself – because then you will love and others!



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