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In pursuit of a beautiful chocolate tan, fashionistas and fashionists pursue one goal – to make their skin more attractive, but, unfortunately, the final result sometimes turns out to be completely opposite. Dehydration, dermatitis, early aging – all this can become the result of excessive uncontrolled hobbies, both “artificial” and “natural” tan. Visiting the solarium has certain “pluses” and “minuses”, indications and contraindications, which are important to take into account to preserve the health of not only the skin, but the entire body.

about skin problems associated with excessive solar radiation (insolation) and
not only tells a beautician center “Coherent” Angela Petras.

Фотоомоложение – поможет побороть фотостарение  Aging of the skin is associated with loss of water, a decrease in the amount and a change in the composition of the fibrous structures of the dermis. . Among the main causes of premature skin aging: UV radiation, pollution, smoking, alcohol, stress, use is not adequately prescribed medicinal and cosmetic means and other

Most experts believe that the main cause of premature aging – excessive hobby for sunburn, long uncontrolled ultraviolet irradiation, which accounts for up to 80% of the total negative external exposure Procedure

ultraviolet rays that affect the human skin throughout the year with different intensity, causing it damage in the first place due to the direct and indirect effects of free radicals and enzymes. Free radicals are charged particles with a free, i.e., unpaired electron, possessing extremely high reactivity. They are formed in the body under the influence of negative factors – radioactive and ultraviolet radiation, high or low temperatures, stresses, high physical and emotional loads. Free radicals have a significant negative impact on the body: accelerate the aging process, slow the growth and recovery (regeneration) of tissues. Free radicals enter into oxidative reactions with structural elements and skin cells, causing their damage.

With excessive, uncontrolled insolation, phototoxins are formed – these are chemicals that undergo changes after they absorb the energy of the sun and turn into poisonous substances. These substances penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream.

The first manifestations of premature aging of the skin are dryness, porosity of the skin, the formation of fine wrinkles, not related to facial expressions, pigmentation spots, decreased tone.

Principles for the prevention of premature aging

biological withering due to a genetic program, and begins at about 25 years of age, this is the time you should seriously think about the prevention of age-related skin changes that forty years become more visible. The severity of age-related skin changes during photoaging depends on many factors: nutrition, lifestyle, the presence of frequent stressful situations and, of course, the quality of skin care. It is interesting to note that a visit to a cosmetology salon in most cases causes a “double effect”. First, a visible improvement in the condition of the skin, and, secondly, psychological relief, because caring for your body, always brings pleasure and improves your mood.

Adequate external care is carried out using professional cosmetic lines, taking cosmeceuticals, mesotherapy (hardware, injection – according to indications, limited courses), peelings, mesopyl.

Photoageing(withering skin caused by constant exposure to ultraviolet radiation) aggravates the processes occurring during hronostarenii. At least 90% of light (“photo”) aging is associated with excessive exposure to the sun. It is important to note that earlier photoaging develops in white people, after an excess of insolation, so the northerners must protect themselves from excess sunlight, “acquire” a tan dose to avoid early skin aging.


If in the case of natural aging observed thinning of all layers of the skin and slowing the recovery process, when photoaging – a thickening of the epidermis, filled with dead skin cells and thinning of the dermis “live” layer of skin. Signs of photoaging – the emergence of wrinkles, deep depressions, discoloration of the skin, or, on the contrary, the occurrence of numerous ugly pigment spots, sometimes raised above the surface of the skin (keratoses), which are caused by atrophy or thinning of the skin, etc.

In the case of biological and photoaging, therapeutic tactics vary. Although at the same time in clinical practice there is no isolated form of one type of aging. Photo-aging of the skin is superimposed on the process of biological aging, accelerating it and aggravating all the signs of wilting. Therefore, it is very important to know how a specialist can determine which type of aging is prevalent in a patient, and, depending on this, decide on the issue of treatment.

In the case of photoaging, the main therapeutic actions should be aimed at speeding up the exfoliation of the corneal cells, blocking the pigmentation. With biological aging, the main goals of correction are to stimulate the regenerative processes in various layers of the skin and to moisten it. The type of skin aging affects the choice of anti-aging program, the composition of its components, the multiplicity and duration of the course.

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