How to warm up your husband in bed: 8 rules for a sexy woman

Recently, the heroine of our “Personal Business”Xenia Fursovaadded two more products for lovers to the line of their scratch cards.   In this regard, a presentation was made by Svetlana Karimova, founder of the family sex education center Love is …, author of training programs “What Men Want” and “Secrets of Ideal Wives.”  

Как разогреть мужа в постели: 8 правил сексуальной женщины

read asWhat we did not know about orgasm and were afraid to ask

Svetlana shared with the audience tips on how women reveal their sexuality.

как стать сексуальнее

I really like the definition of “Sexuality – is that it is impossible to hide, and not that intrusive and highlights shows!”. This inner state is confident, feminine and full, and not a fake dummy game. Do you feel when a man does not really behave? We consider sexuality as the inner Calm Woman’s dignity, as a daily enjoyable and fulfilling work on oneself.

  1. The first thing with which we begin the development of sexuality – this is the body!

The temple in which your beautiful soul lives … is also beautiful? Today the male world likes eyes and does not need to condemn it. You also pay attention to the beautiful (the main Healthy!) Body of a man? And this is absolutely normal instinct of the female and male – the choice of the best genes for the offspring.

In many studies, it is known that people are beautiful and healthy externally (and therefore internally) receive 80% of positive results in the negotiations, and have a larger circle of communication.

When you have a healthy and beautiful body:
• less irritated and more smiling;
• confidently catch the glances of men and raise your self-esteem;
• Do not jerk when he touches you, t. confident that it is good everywhere and always;
• scream when you feel good, not from dissatisfaction in life.

светлана керимова сексуальность

So, here are some of myrules of sexuality present in the body: • How do you wake up in the morning? And you have to smile and stretch every cell of your body (starting blood circulation and energy).     Pat All !!! yourself, feel a slight excitement and tingle.   With your entire body, hug and massage the body of your loved one, without opening your eyes (if he is sleeping sweetly with you).

•   Contrast shower (delicious gel), clean and soft towel to get wet body.

• Workout and stretching is mandatory! Great sexual women have spent a lot of time from childhood developing and feeling their body. Choose the kind of sports load you like (you feel pleasure – yours!). But I am convinced that women who leave the training in the morning and go to work (or coffee with a girlfriend) feel sexier and more confident. Remember, to disperse blood means to be filled with energy. Their body is full and ready … And, therefore, sexually.

•   Rational nutrition. Live not for the sake of eating, but in order to live. Eat very little, but very tasty.

• Solo the development of your body. This is the ancient secrets of the priestesses of the love of the East – making love to yourself. They caressed their whole body with their hands and various means, toys, feathers and ribbons. Closing their eyes, they caused sensitivity of each cell of the body, excitement and orgasmicity. If your body does not have time to enjoy with a man, teach him more responsiveness. Rescue the drowning is the work of the drowning man 🙂

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Developing intimate muscles will give you pleasure and confidence that a strong bosom is the core of sexuality that you want to give only to your beloved.

I know that this is a huge work on yourself. And do not tell me that you do not have time – I have two children of schoolchildren and a very busy schedule of life, but I enjoy when I take care of my body with love and discipline. And I feel my Sexuality, which can not be hidden.

как стать сексуальнее

Do not Have the Strength? Energy will come when you are already running, and not when you think about what you need to do. If you have “depression”, instead of a psychologist or alcohol with cigarettes – you put on sneakers and a sporty step around the house !!! Increase blood circulation and the amount of energy, immediately life is getting better – the nonsense out of your head goes below the navel. 2. The second thing you will do for the development of sexuality is the way of thinking and attitude towards sex.

We were raised by good girls in a country where there was no sex. Sexuality, like witchcraft, was severely censured and we hid all our secret desires, even from ourselves. You just need a sexual education: to know, talk and read about “this.” You have invested more than 5 years in your profession, and how many have you completed the courses on the development of sexuality and femininity?

In many practices, sexuality, the fusion of a man and a woman, is considered the creation of a whole beautiful world of harmony and human health. Instead of drugs, sex is prescribed in certain poses and amounts. And the elderly are people who no longer live sexually.

Accept the fact that sex life is an important part of a fulfilling life. Do not hide behind your complexes and fears, develop and take care of your libido – it is responsible for the desire to live, not to exist.

So, the task:
1. Select the time for correspondence (home) sexual education: read magazines, websites, books.
2. Find quality trainings and enroll at least 2 during the year.   Yes, it’s worth the money! But investing in a favorite is the most profitable.

как развить сексуальность керимова фото

If you hear the word sex and you disgusted

If you get a hint or suggestion from men, do you think their blunt, lustful animals, then immediately catch these harmful thoughts and change them to positive attitude towards sexuality. It’s fine!!! At least, this is how you came to this world, and this is the guarantee of your health.

How to react to male seduction?

Calm dignity! Smile, look into the eyes and breathe deeply (to calm emotions). And most importantly, feel sexy, maybe not for this prince, but for yourself.  
  3. The third important component of inner sexuality is love. A321DD1FB9F313A95D8CB8C4AB036F7A

3. The third important part of inner sexuality is love.

Remember the golden rule: everything you do with love, you are filled, all that without love – it is a sin, loss of energy and health!

Love the Manand your sexuality will not be the limit. Only truly, with all my heart, as God in the human body. This is the distinctive skill of mistresses and the weak place of wives (or those who can not in any way find “Him”).

Today, strong females “wet” men and measure with them … What they do not have. Killing all hope for sexuality in his eyes. If a wife lets her husband in without unconditional love, and if she performs a conjugal duty (or does not go to the left), she empties her sexuality and his life force, she will be sick – he will drink. Do you like your job. Find something that gives you pleasure, and this is what will bring you the maximum income. At pleasure the strongest vibrations !!! And professional realization is an important part of women’s sexuality today. But … If a woman enjoys and creates, and does not plow, like a horse and hangs herself orders for her victims. Everyone wants a happy, healthy and realized (and not a sick, unhappy and unfortunate, who is waiting for the prince who dreams to make her happy).

Love your feminine responsibilities. From time immemorial, everything in the house was a woman’s concern: clean, beautiful, delicious and the weather in the house. Life must be properly organized and treated as magic! Do not complain and demand gratitude, but just create and care with love. A man can do much without Us and we do not need it. But what can be sexier than the beautiful, realized and creating miracles in the house – Wives. Who knows that the husband is primary, and as soon as he appears on the threshold, she throws everything and quietly hugs him.

сексуальная женщина

Sexuality of the wife is when everything that he has to do with it – relaxes and excites! But to create such an anchor a woman can only when she really enjoys every minute of her Life! Real sexuality is a deep sense of oneself in life!

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