How to make up for Oscar: 20 best beauty images in 86 years

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On the eve of the ceremonyOscar 2015we thought about how the appearance of the actress affects their chances of getting the cherished statuette. In general, opinions were divided, but in one we agreed on 100% – on the red carpet celebrities should shine. Let’s remember actresses who not only looked like a million dollars, but also received a well-deserved award!  

Как накраситься, чтобы получить Оскар: 20 лучших бьюти-образов за 86 лет

Of course, the winners are not judged, but reviewing photos of Oscar-winning actresses, we could not help laughing. Interestingly, whenCherand Susan Sarandon looked in the mirror before the ceremony, did they like themselves?

оскар 2015

But our favorites are just not the winners. Which in general does not understate their beauty and talent in any way. This is Daryl Hannah on Oscar 1988 and Jessica Chestane at the ceremony in 2012.

оскар 2015 звезды

remind you that this year’s ceremony will take place in a couple of days, and to pass the time to watch our broadcastforecasts for an Oscar in 2015 andstars opinions about Oscar.

And do not forget to lookmost beautiful Oscar dressesfor 86 years!

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