How to collect a budget cosmetic bag: a review of the best inexpensive decorative cosmetics

Recently we told,what budget carcasses it is worth to try every girl. It’s time to reveal all the cards and tell you about the best budget products, which turned out to be a real find for us. The best budget mascara, foundation, lipstick and much more – only with us!

Как собрать бюджетную косметичку: обзор лучшей недорогой декоративной косметики

Good makeup does not always cost a fortune. And each person associated with the beauty industry, considers it his duty to seek and discover a product with an ideal price-quality ratio. To update your cosmetic bag, you do not need to pay crazy money. Below – the best budget and very high-quality decorative cosmetics.

Best Budget foundation

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum

хороший тональный крем

This creams we sing odes and never cease to praise him! He has a light texture that does not feel at all on the skin and at the same time perfectly leveles the tone, hides minor flaws and gives the skin a healthy, rested look. Try it, and you will never want to return to your foundation. The price is 300 UAH.

best budget face powder

Rimmel Stay Matte

матирующая пудра для лица

Despite the fact that the powder has a matting effect, it does not dry the skin (the sins most matting powders). It gives the skin a pleasant sensation and even its color, but if the powder is applied without a foundation, strong reddening and rashes it will not hide. In general, this is a very high-quality budget powder. Recommended! & nbsp; Price – 140 UAH.

Best budget concealer corrector

Eveline Cosmetics Art Professional Make-up Concealer 2 In 1

хороший консилер

This product copes with the role of the corrector and concealer: masks minor imperfections andhide dark circles under the eyes.Moreover, it is well distributed over the skin and gives it a slight glow, without emphasizing peeling. Ideal product in its price category. The price is 40 UAH.

best budget mascara

Vivienne Sabo Cabaret Premiere

лучшая бюджетная тушь

Vivienne Sabo Sabaret Premiere – an updated version of the cult mascara Cabaret. The novelty has a convenient silicone pussy, which is convenient to paint not only the eyelashes at the inner and outer corners of the eyes, but also the lower cilia. In the lineup there arecolored carcasses(which we are surely advised to try), but we particularly liked the black mascara, which incredibly beautifully distinguishes the eyelashes making them coal black. The mascara itself separates well and paints eyelashes, and also gives them volume. The price of the issue is 140 UAH.

best budget eyeliner

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

подводка для глаз

This eyeliner – our favorite! It has a pleasant creamy texture that is easily applied to the eyelid and is perfectly distributed over it due to the quality brush, which comes in the kit. Lining keeps all day like poured, but at the same time it is easily washed off with the usual means for make-up remover. Jars you will have enough for a year of daily use. The price is 140 UAH.

best budget base under the shadow

Avon Eye Shadow Primer

база под тени

The base for a century – the best thing that can happen to your shadow! Its creamy texture is perfectly shaded on the eyelid and instantly becomes puddled. Thanks to this base, the shadows lie perfectly and do not really slip during the day. This product will make even the most hopeless shadows bright and pigmented. The price is 60 UAH.

best budget shade

Essence Quattro Eyeshadow

хорошие тени для век

Want to find the perfect budget palettes eyeshadow? Yes, here it is! These shadows look good on the eyelids, have a silky texture and excellent pigmentation, even if applied without a base for eyelids (which we still do not advise doing). Especially we advise you to pay attention to the 5 and 7 numbers of the pallet: they are the ideal palette of warm and cold palate. About that,which shade of shades fits your eye color, we wrote earlier. The price of the pallets is 100 UAH.

Best budget eyebrow pencil

Parisa Cosmetics

бюджетный карандаш для бровей

This eyebrow pencil is quite stable and not greasy. It has an average hardness, it is comfortably applied and does not “swim” during the day. A comfortable, perfectly shaped brush perfectly combs the eyebrows and shades the color of the pencil. The best budget eyeliner you will not find! Attention, the price is 20 UAH.

Best budget eyeliner

Artdeco Soft Eye Liner Waterproof

карандаш для глаз

In this pencil soft texture and excellent durability – qualities that must have a perfect pencil. It is well pigmented: enough light pressure that the pencil left a clear and bright line. Has a water-resistant property, does not spread and is not imprinted on the eyelid. A rich palette of hues allows you to choose a pencil for any occasion and make-up (about how to use the color pencils,, we wrote earlier). The price is 120 UAH.

best budget lipstick

Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Mattes

матовая помада

-lasting, high-quality matte lipstickwith a pleasant texture and rich color! It evenly lays on the lips, well covers the natural pigment and does not spread throughout the day. Ideally! The price is 130 UAH.

You saw an overview of the best budget cosmetics. We hope that you will find our finds and you like them. Try it, they’re great!

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