How to apply blush correctly: photo and video instructions

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Blush is a miracle thing that instantly gives the face a fresh and rested look. But to achieve such an effect, it is important to correctly use the blush.How to apply blushand how to choose the perfect for yourself – read in our material!

Как правильно наносить румяна: фото- и видеоинструкция

blush on the cheeks is not in vain was recognized as one of the top beauty trendsautumn 2016, because at that time our skin is lighter, becomes pale, and sunburn, which gave face rested appearance, no trace remains. To refresh your face, put emphasis on make-up and & nbsp; make it complete, we recommend using blush. We reveal & nbsp; secrets of drawing and selection of ideal blush.

As from the set to choose your option blush

Incorrectly selected formula blush can ruin your whole makeup. Therefore, choose the option depending on your skin type. Blush can be dry and creamy. Dry suits absolutely everything (we often use them). They, in turn, are matte and shimmer. Liquid andcream blushis recommended for those who have normal or dry skin: they will moisturize it and give the face a beautiful glow. Oily skin cream blush will not work – they simply can slide during the day.

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It is easy to find the perfect shade of blush

In fact, there are no specific rules inselection of ideal blusher. All the rules and schemes that you have seen before are too complex and, moreover, do not work. But we know a few simple lifhaks. When choosing a shade of blush, we recommend starting from your lip pigment: rub your lips together to make them slightly reddish. The hue of the lips that you see and is the perfect blush for you. Another secret – squeeze your hand into a fist, unclench and look at the pads of your fingers: the color that has appeared is the tone you need!

Which brush to apply blush

for blush brush is not less important subject than yourself blush. A properly selected brush for blush will help to apply the product evenly and without blisters, and also to shade it well.

кисти для румян

Brush for Blush: 1.2 & nbsp;& nbsp; brushes from natural nap for dry blush; 3.4 & nbsp;& nbsp; synthetic brush for liquid and cream rouge

If using dry rouge, choose fluffy brush made of natural cloth (it may be with a beveled edge or rounded shapes), if cream – choose duofibru or dense brush, which is also suitable for liquidfoundation,. We advise you not to use brushes that are attached to blush – these brushes are too hard, often scratch the skin, and besides, with them you will not achieve any effect.

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How to apply blush

как наносить румяна

classical scheme applying blush quite simple and suitable for everybody type of person. Start from the cheekbones and move diagonally to the outer corner of the eye, without going over the tip of the eyebrow. Also, do not put blush too close to the center of the face (do not go beyond the two fingers from the nose) or under the cheekbones (for this usebronzer for the face).

как правильно наносить румянаIf you want nGive your face a healthy shine, apply a blush on the apple cheeks. This method of application is suitable for those with a long and elongated face. The blush on the apples of the cheeks will shorten it a little and make it more proportional.

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дрейпингTo make thetrendy in this season dripping, apply the blush as a highlighter, apply a blush to the top of the cheekbones, avoiding the area under the eyes. Distribute the product to the temples with a brush. This variant of application is suitable for all types of face, as well as for the face of a triangular shape, as it emphasizes cheekbones and makes the face more textured.

If you suddenly go too far with blush, powder the face on this area and lightly blend them.

We’ve told you all about the blush. This product will help you to place emphasis in makeup and create a complete image. We suggest watching a video on how to apply blush correctly.

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