How to achieve a matte leather effect

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Perfectly smooth and matte skin is one of the main beauty trends of this season. In order to achieve this effect, proper care and appropriate decorative means are necessary.

Как добиться эффекта матовой кожи


If you want to achieve perfect matte leather, you must start with the right care. Choose a means of care marked “for combination or oily skin.” On sale you can find whole series of products, which include tonics, lotions, serums, creams, face masks. All this will help control the secretion of sebaceous fat and will ensure the dullness of the skin throughout the day.

Tonics and lotions for the face

Lotion for Face Teen Lotion from Toibel (price – 77 UAH), matting lotion Aroma Cleanse Fresh Matifying Lotion by Decleor (price – 230 UAH), matting lotion from Clarins (price – 230 UAH), a tonic narrowing the pores of Vichy (price – 108 UAH).

Face Serum

Balancing Serum Skin Mat Balancing Serum Darphin (price – 820 UAH), Idealist Serum by Estee Lauder (price – 500 UAH), regulating, purifying serum Les Purifiantes So Pure by Payot (the price is 440 UAH).


matting face cream Aloe Vera 24 Hour Face Anti-Shine from Planter’s (price – 289 UAH), light emulsion keratoreguliruyuschaya Hyseac K18 from Uriage (price – 193 UAH), moisturizing 24 hours cream with a wild rose for oily and combination skin from Korres (price – 406 UAH), matting cream-gel Sebium Mat Anti-Shine Fluid from Bioderma (price – 151 UAH), refreshing moisturizing gel against greasy shine Normaderm Total Mat by Vichy (the price is 135 UAH).

Face masks

Face Mask “deep biological purification” by Jean Darcel (price – 182 UAH), the mask 3 in 1 Clean skin from Garnier (the price – 55 UAH), the absorbent cleaning mask from Ella Bache (price – 280 UAH), mask for problem skin from Shristina (price – 240 UAH).

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for oily and combination skin care tips

– Before you apply the cream, be sure to thoroughly clean the skin and apply a matting tonic or lotion.

– Allow to stand for several minutes before each subsequent application of the remedy.

– Pay attention to the makeup. Effective matting components are clay (for example, in masks), corn and rice starch, magnesium hydroxide, protein proteins, polymer particles (play the role of “sponges” absorbing sebum). Take care that at the first places in the makeup did not stand alcohol, since it can dry the skin and, conversely, to strengthen the work of the sebaceous glands.

– Do not apply matting agents on the eye area. There the skin is very thin and delicate, and they can very quickly overdry it.

– If you have combined skin, matting means apply only on the T-zone, and on cheeks and cheekbones – moisturizing.

– In the case of a very greasy T-zone, a matting base should be applied to it. This will add to your makeup durability.

– If greasy shine appears during the day, it is best to use matting wipes, not powder, since its overabundance on the skin will be very noticeable.


Today you can buy absolutely different in texture matting agents: dense, light, liquid, etc. Up-to-date are the means that make it possible to achieve a fashionable demi-matt effect this season. They matiruyut skin, while imperceptible and gives the face a light, natural glow. Watch for the composition of the tonal means: the absence of fat in the formula will help the skin to remain matte longer.

matting foundation cream for oily and combination skin   AffiniMat from Maybelline NY (Price 70 USD), matting foundation Stay Matte oil-free makeup from Clinique (price – 300 UAH), tone Fluid Mat Lumiere Fluid by Chanel ( price – 450 UAH), tonal base Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 from MAC (price – 350 UAH).

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