Golden Globe 2014: the best hairstyles

On the night of 13 to 14 January,71st Golden Globe Awarding Ceremony. We already showed you thebest outfitsandmakeupred carpet, and now it’s time to show the brightest styling and celebrity hairstyles.

Золотой Глобус 2014: лучшие прически

This time the stylists pleased us with a variety of hairstyles, styling and decorations in the hair.

The Hollywood wave was still one of the most popular ways of the evening. The perfect curls were shown by actress Olivia Wilde,   Taylor Swift, Camila Alves and many others.

It is noteworthy that many stars chose for their image fashionable beams in this season, and to give a hairstyle solemnity, pinned to them precious jewelry. For example, Uma Thurman showed us an incredibly luxurious hairstyle, making himself a magnificent high styling and decorating her with a black chain that perfectly harmonized with her outfit.  

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Hairstyle “pony tail” with a New Year’s celebration and movedon the red carpet. Excellent options for the tail were obtained from Emma Roberts and Sandra Bulok.

In general, the Golden Globe awards ceremony had something to look at: perfect curls, curvy hairstyles, bunches, weaving, glamorous styling and precious jewelry in the hair. There is where to take an example!

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