Blush: Top 10 products

Blush is an important element of your makeup. They can advantageously emphasize your face and give it a fresh, rested look. I WANTED for you the 10 best funds of this year.

Румяна: 10 лучших средств

Trends in make-up, as in fashion, are very volatile and contradictory. Today in the fashion and matte blush for a day, and flickering for the evening, but this year’s main trend was, of course, cream blush.

For autumn, this kind of blush will do better than ever, because thanks to its texture they do not dry the skin and hold on for long. It is best to apply the cream blush first point from the top of the cheekbone to the temple, and then shade in a circular motion. If you use this method of application, the blush will look as natural as possible on the cheeks.

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Another novelty in this category decorative funds become liquid blush. The liquid blush looks   on the skin   more naturally compared to the dry ones. They are better shaded, but are more suitable for girls with oily skin, since dry skin skin dryers can quickly absorb and blush.

Do not forget that whatever kind of blush you choose, above all, the main thing is to find your shade. This is what our article”How to choose the color of blush” will help you.  

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