Beauty-horror: the most strange gadgets for beauty

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It is very difficult to keep up with technical progress. Every now and then manufacturers come up with something of this kind, just to interest consumers. Beauty-industry is no exception.

Beauty-хоррор: самые странные гаджеты для красоты

Let some of the gadgets absolutely do not need anyone and look strange, there are fans to experiment with their appearance and check for “strength” and validity of the novelty, but also do not forget that you canorganically change the appearance, without changing yourself. Today, has compiled for you a survey of the most strange gadgets aimed at maintaining beauty, although there are othersecrets of beauty, which were shared with us by famous personalities in previous articles.

The device for increasing the level of energy Philips EnergyUp

Philips has created a special gadget that can increase the level of human energy. According to the manufacturers, the device emits a special light, which can be compared with daylight.

Receptors in the retina react to light radiation, which sends a signal to the brain, raises energy levels, improves mood and regulates the biological clock. The recommended use of the gadget is half an hour a day. As a result, the manufacturer promises that, along with the mood, your appearance will improve, the skin will become cleaner and radiant. Only now, if the gadget actually works, it’s hard to say. With the same success you can buy an ordinary blue light bulb and screw it into a lamp – it will be much cheaper. Do not forget that there are other ways  strengthen its energy.

Airbrush makeup artist Temptu Airbush MakeUp System

Previously, only professional make-up artists in the arsenal had similar aggregates, and now, the airbrush can be purchased by everyone, laying out not much, not a little – 600 dollars.

Temptu Airbush MakeUp System

Only why it is needed in everyday life is little understood. First you have to learn how to use it to get the most natural coverage, spending about half the tubes. Then, spend another $ 100 to restore the supplies of cosmetics for the airbrush. And the pores, for sure, he will score more than normal makeup. If you are a secular lioness, then the purchase is justified, and if an ordinary girl – you hardly need Temptu Airbush MakeUp System. And he will never pay off. The best place to use your collection is  best tonal creamsfrom budget to luxury.

Eye Massager Iris Illuminating Eye Massager from FOREO

The IRIS Massager, according to the manufacturer, struggles with signs of fatigue and age-related changes, and also enhances the effect of caring around the eyes.

Iris Illuminating Eye Massager от FOREO

It’s quite easy to use the device – apply the device to the eye area for 30-60 seconds. Massage is carried out thanks to the sound waves that the device conducts. Thanks to the waves, the skin is stimulated, and the caregivers penetrate deeper into the dermis. The cost of such a device varies from 150 to 200 dollars. Only whether he really has such a miraculous effect is difficult to say. A possible cause of fatigue may also be somefood.

Printer for nails

Quite an interesting invention, especially for girls that nature did not reward with artistic abilities, but you want to have beautiful nails without spending money for a salon manicure.

Принтер для ногтей

Judging by the feedback of customers, the printer does a very good job of its task, but now, not always the drawing turns out smooth. In addition, the gadget is quite a high price – about 35 thousand hryvnia. Plus you need to buy supplies, and beauty-novelties break quite often. So, it’s easier to spend time and money on a march to a manicurist and get a really good job than to give money and then suffer from problems that will surely happen. And aboutfashionable nail design in 2018year is available in our article.

Facial sculpting device NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device

Another strange and little understood invention. The skin is affected by electrocutions.

NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device

Only 5 minutes per day of using the device for the face and skin tone will improve, get a pleasant color, cheeks, chin and eyelids tighten, wrinkles are smoothed, the contour of the face becomes more clear. In theory, if the gadget is really so magical, the contour plastic itself will completely become obsolete and the girls will stop attending cosmetologists, so it’s hard to believe in its miraculous properties. Yet it is necessary to be selective and to understand that knowledge is needed aboutcouncils on the Internet.

Cosmetic mask Light Therapy Acne Mask

The mask resembles a welding mask, but the action is completely different. Light Therapy Acne Mask is aimed at fighting acne, improves skin regeneration,smooths the complexion, relievespigment spots.

Light Therapy Acne Mask

The inside of the mask is equipped with red and blue lamps, which have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. In the kit with a mask comes a special serum from acne, which helps to rejuvenate the skin. The procedure with a cosmetic mask lasts about 10 minutes and as the producers promise, the effect is simply stunning and almost instantaneous.

These were still flowers that one way or another you can still experience on yourself, but now the real trash will go…

Face Slimmer or silicone lips

Face Slimmer или силиконовые губы

It looks very strange gadget, and why it is needed, is also not fully understood. The manufacturer says that with his help you can return the skin to the face tonus and save the oval. Silicone lips are attached to the mouth and within 3 minutes you need to pronounce the vowels. From the side it may seem that you are crazy and decided to buy yourself duck lips to practice doing a delicious,perfect blowjob.

Beauty Lift High Nose Electric

Beauty Lift High Nose Electric

No, this is not a tool for torture, but a means for correcting the shape of the nose without surgical intervention. With the help of the gadget you can change the objectionable form – make the nose more even, or slightly raise the tip. The device is recommended to use 3-5 minutes every day. The device was invented, oddly enough, by the Japanese, who have neat features of a woman’s face erected in the cult. To correct

nail flawsyou can use certain cosmetic   and styling tricks.

NeckLine Slimmer Double Chin Reducer

NeckLine Slimmer Double Chin ReducerIf you have a non-ideal chin, this can easily be corrected with this simulator. Just some 3 minutes a day, and you will become a different person – the Japanese promise us… In combination with the beauty gadget there are three springs for training – soft, medium and hard. Well, which of you will risk getting rid of the second chin with the help of the invention miracle? Also fix the age-related blemishes will help

fitness for the face.

Eyelid Trainer

Eyelid Trainer

“Bump” your eyelids in just a few minutes. This thing is able to replace

blepharoplasty. Thanks to these points, narrow eyes can be turned into European ones in just a week, wearing them for 10 minutes a day. The effect will not be constant, as from a plastic operation, but it will last several days.

Hitachi Lip Crie

Hitachi Lip CrieLips in the style of Angelina Jolie are now in fashion. Girls are ready to invest a lot of money to get

chubby sponges, but now fillers and botox are easy to replace Hitachi Lip Crie. This is a real lip massager, which acts on them with vibration, strengthens the blood flow and sponges are literally becoming more plump before your eyes. Whether it’s true or not, whether it causes side effects, we can not answer, but still they would not use it.

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